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  1. Hello plb4333; I apologize for the delay in responding to your message to me. I do thank you very much again for the information you have provided me with.You understood my concerns perfectly and helped put me at ease over losing my protection going forward as my subscription approaches an end. Thank you again for taking the time to help and overall support. You have been wonderful. With all my best regards and appreciation Images
  2. Thank you Indio for your information. Much appreciated. IMAGES HELLO RICHBUFF. Hello Richbuff. In an attempt to answer your question I copied the following information. It is hard to display them the way they appear in the listing I have. When I go to My Kaspersky under Licenses there is a listing of 4 devices I have or have had on my computer from Kaspersky. The 1st one lists Internet Security and says it is active with 32 days remaining for three devices. Below that there is a notation (devices 1). – This is the device that is currently doing its job of protecting my counter as best I can tell. The 2nd is fore Internet Security and says “expired” , for 3 devices. It then says below this the license is not in use on any device”- The 3rd is for Secure Connection Standard Version. Below this it says “Devices 1”. I don’t know what this is for. I don’t recall ever having this device? The 4th listed is Internet Security and says it is Active and has 1093 days remaining for 3 devices. Below this it also says the subscription is not in use on any connected device. This 4th device I purchased last (a couple of days ago) and is the source of distress for me. I believe based on the number of days I have remaining in the 1st one listed above that it is the one that is not included in the current number of days I show I have available before my subscription expires. It is the one I most care about because it was purchased last and has not been credited to my account. By not showing I mean in the total of days I have left before my subscription expires, Again, I guess I mean that the days due me are not showing in the total I currently have available to me before expiration in the first one listed above. And the IS showing reference I have just mentioned in the 4th above. I sent my requests for help (two since Septem 12). These are my best efforts to answer your question. I apologize if I am unclear
  3. Thank you Indio & Richbuff for your replies. I will have to see how I can make my post more clear and respond back as soon as possible. The information is difficult for me to understand. This has overwhelmed me. Thank you IMAGES
  4. My current Kaspersky Internet Security had only 35 days left. I was concerned I would run out of days and not be protected so I purchased a renewal of my Internet Security. For $121.19. I did my best to download as per the directions. I was given a password and activation code. I downloaded as best I could and now AFTER the software was downloaded I now have 32 days left. I paid for 3 years and 3 devices (I only use one device). I was assuming that the extra 1094 days would automatically be added to my current version of Internet Security but it didn’t. The order Confirmation I received says I have that many days but they don’t show up. So now I am worried that when my current version expires in a few days I will be unprotected with the three years’ worth of coverage uninstalled. This is very upsetting. I do not know what to do. I sent queries to Technical Support but received no replies or help in any way from anyone. I then sent further requests for help from a manager and still have received no help or support. Can anyone provide me with help please? I have spent several days trying to figure this out and don’t want to mess things up any worse than they are. I do not in any way have tech skills and muddle my way through things. But I don’t want to do that at this stage. Things appear messed up to me. I have been a Kaspersky customer for years and have not had such difficulties before in downloading anything. They have been great. Seems not to be the case any longer. If my subscription expires I will have to delete my internet Security and install another vendor’s product. I don’t want to but I will have no choice. I need to be protected. My current status with Internet Security on my computer now: Current activity Status listings as per My Kaspersky. (Internet Security is active - 32 days remaining - for 3 devices. Devices 1 (to soon expire). After the download it says I have Internet Security which is active for 1094 days remaining for 3 devices and that The subscription is not in use on any connected device. This is the Version just downloaded. (1094 days -3 years (what I paid for is not showing). By any chance will the 1094 days that are not showing automatically show up when the existing days expire? Any way I might be able to remedy this? Thank you for your help, IMAGES
  5. Dear Plb4333: Based on your suggestion I I discovered that Firefox has some blocking that I am not familiar with. I turnded them off and was able to Submit my renewal request and It went through fine. I just have to download the data and install it. That may be a chalenge for me as I am not tech savvy but thanks to you I have a shot to make it work. FIngers Crosseed. Blesss you for your kindness and help. Images
  6. No, I don't belive so but I do apreciate you taking the time to help. It is upseting geting to the end of my subscription without updating. Thank you.
  7. HI: I am out of my mind after hours trying to renewal my Internet Security. I filed out all the nedded information as best I can tell including My credit card data. But when I was done I can find no way to submit it. No buttttons or directions as best I can tell. I see nothing anywhere. How do I submit my renewal? Need help PLEASE Thank you
  8. Hello Fenderman1 Thank you for the help with my request Images
  9. Thank you Wesley.Zhang. It was kind of you to help me. Your suggestion cured the problem. No more warnings from Kaspersky when I scan .All is fine now ! This site seems to have changed since I was here last. Are all questions for help appropriate here still or are there different Kasperky forums now for different types of questions. Thank you for bringing me up to date on what is available for what help. Thank you again. IMAGES +
  10. Hello: I have discovered during my latest Full Scan some Malware I believe, and have attached a copy of what was found. I believe this infection came by way of an email to my Thunderbird email program. I deleted the email at the time. It looked like my information was obtained through hacking a previous company I did business with. I discovered the infection as per my scan today. I am attaching an image of what the scan discovered. I do not know how to proceed with removing the infection. After reading similar requests for help I followed the instructions and deleted the Cache in Thunderbird. But a second scan still shows the infection exists and the suggested methods to process it does not work. I made a link to the GSI data you need to help me. Hopefully it is correctly done. Unsure if I attach it here but will try. Please give me further guidance. Thank you Images LINK FOR KASPERSKY.docx
  11. Thank you for the help. Somewhat difficult for me to grasp though. Do I have to uninstall, or be concerned with my current version of Kaspersky? Or is it automatically over written by the new version? Thank you,IMAGES
  12. Thank you for your reply. Can I upgrade (if that is what it is) to the version? Thank you, Images
  13. Hello: A question, I have KIS and today Windows loaded a version on my computer 1803. When it was finished a window from Kaspersky popped up speaking about getting Patch "H" . Difficult for me to understand. I followed directions updating the data base, restarting the computer and checking the application current version which is (I). I Did this twice but did not get Patch "H" to show up as I thought it was supposed to. Any help with this please, Don't get it. Thank you, images
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