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  1. Hi, I got an answer from support. The fix is to turn off all battery management from Safe Kids. Battery management can turn off the app and cause problems. Just did it yesterday on my kid's phones, but time will tell if this works.
  2. Hi, The accessibility option for Kids safe is being constantly is turned off on my kids devices. (Huawei / Honor 8 Lite). This basically stops Kids safe all together and screen time is not counted and the phone is not blocked when time runs out. I have to constantly turn it back on manually. I know this is device dependent and probably Kaspersky can't fix the issue, but getting a notification of this would be very useful. A trigger for this could be when there's no activity for a day on the kids phone this would send an email to the parent. This could also serve as a fail safe for kids who figure out a way to bypass Kids safe somehow. Hope the devs take this into consideration.
  3. I second this. I was using a similar app called "Screen Time" that had all these features. The app was buggy as hell but had the right idea for simplicity. One click "pause" or block on all apps was very helpful at dinner time and when it's time for cleaning the room. Extra free time with a few clicks would be good as a reward for doing chores etc. One thing I found useful was also the ability to whitelist certain apps that won't be affected by the blocking the rest of the phone. For example my kids use WhatsApp a lot for everyday communication with classmates on homework and such. If their time limit is up, they can't use it and I have to fiddle with the settings to give them some time and then also remember to set the limits back after they are done. I found there was a setting for giving apps different time limits, but the daily limit overrides this. All these shortcuts would be immensely helpful for daily use.
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