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  1. I'm also in the most current version of CCleaner (5.53.7034) and works fine. The only problem I had in the past was the KIS, indicate that it was a software that was not used for more than 6000 days. This message has already disappeared, possibly due to a correction.
  2. Hola @JFNoda Aquí la última actualización que me dio error. Se tardó casi 6 minutos
  3. Saludos. Verifico que tienes el mismo problema que yo. La solución que se me da, es después de esa actualización que indica "Los archivos de actualización están dañados", realizar una nueva actualización y comprobar si hubo errores en esta actualización posterior que ha fallado. Si no hay errores, y en el menú principal la base de datos está actualizada y no hay signos de naranjas o rojos en el centro de notificaciones, el KIS está funcionando bien. Este error "Los archivos de actualización están dañados" también ocurre siempre conmigo de 2 a 3 en 3 días, las actualizaciones entre 3 y 5 minutos y fue esta la solución que encontré para mi problema. Disculpen mi español. saludos
  4. Thank you very much i n d i o for the link provided (didn't know it) and for the answer. Sorry for my english, is not very good. I have contacted the technical support who will give me an answer on this subject.
  5. God Morning Since I reinstalled KIS 2019 ( d), some applications, in the Application Rules indicate wrong data regarding the number of uses of some software. I use Fastone Image Viewer as the editor and image viewer several times daily. But in application control, it indicates the association to trusted applications was made on the last day 19. The error that I will indicate in the attached image is that the software was never executed which is clearly wrong. Greetings
  6. El problema de los archivos de actualización corrompidos siempre se produjo conmigo mismo con el KIS 2019 desde que lo descargué en mayo del año pasado ( (y antes de actualizar a éste en varias versiones de KIS 2018). Normalmente me ocurre cuando se actualizan varios archivos de base de datos. El soporte técnico me indicó para no me preocupar porque este puede ser un error de conexión al servidor puntual y normal de suceder (y se puso en contacto con el soporte varias veces y la respuesta siempre era igual) "Sólo porque aparece un registro entre miles en los registros que indican un fallo de comunicación y actualización, si es exitoso sin errores PAS5, APU, etc y Kaspersky actualizó a continuación no hay aquí ninguna cuestión técnica o error o problema con el software o su ordenador. No es necesario preocuparse por este tipo de registro.Sólo empieza a ser más preocupante cuando fallas más de 3 o 4 actualizaciones lo que cambia al color rojo e indica que tu antivirus está extremadamente anticuado. " Mis actualizaciones tardan entre 1 a 4 minutos dependiendo de los Kb o Mb transferidos y de la carga de la CPU. Saludos y me disculpan por mi español, pues no es mi idioma nativo.
  7. I also check the same situation @temp2018. You are not alone. This message box also disappeared more than a month ago, whenever I write a password (before it did not happen). I'm on KIS (d), Chrome 71.0.3578.98, Kapersky extension 20.0.543.401.
  8. Gracias @ harlan4096 por la información. Acabo de recibir el parche d. Saludos
  9. Todavía no existe un parche (d) aquí también. Curioso que el sitio de soporte de Kaspersky todavía no ha mencionado esta revisión, como puede ver: https://support.kaspersky.com/sp/13875
  10. También ya recibido, reiniciado y los componentes se reconfiguraron. Saludos.
  11. Por ahora nada apareció en mi sistema.
  12. That was the doubt that came to me. With the RS5 being delivered tomorrow, I have also forced the manual update and nothing (all updates are the traditional database, less than 1 Mb and doesn't update the components of this). In the past its appeared after a day or two.
  13. I would like to ask if I'm not alone and if the patch update (c) is delayed. There are more users in my situation (waiting since 27 September)?
  14. Hola No lo he recibido. Parche C, no aparece y está todo configurado de la manera ideal .... Saludos.
  15. Thank you Berny. At this moment I have got both working but in regedit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows Defender \ DisableAntiSpyware and 1 value Microsoft announces that it will be released on Windows 10's October 2018 Update in the link the follow feature for antivirus software: https://www.howtogeek.com/353165/whats-new-in-windows-10s-redstone-5-update-available-fall-2018/ "Protected Processes for Antivirus Software: Antivirus programs must now use a" protected process "to register themselves with the Windows Security Center If they do not, they will not appear in the Windows Security user interface, and the Windows Defender will stay This method should be used to protect against viruses and to protect against viruses.
  16. Hello. I would like to know if Kaspersky Internet Security (b) uses the "protected process" to register itself with the Windows Security Center (Protected Processes for Antivirus Software) ?
  17. Hello. I have the version of Kaspersky Internet Security (b), but I'm not Insider. I'm curious, relative to Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809) codenamed Redstone 5. I would like to know if KIS 2019 is already prepared for this update, or if I will find imcompatibilities since no patch has yet been released nor in my research did I check news about future problems or the other way around.
  18. Thank you Berny @. I'm glad K-Lab is solving the problem. I would like to add another point: I hope that KL is preparing with MSF for the next update of Windows 10 in next month (1809).
  19. It's true, Chrome provides this information in the settings menu> Update or remove incompatible applications, as shown in the screenshot :
  20. You are not alone. I have the same problem with Ccleaner: Note that our captures shows the same number of days for Corel Paintshop and Ccleaner (version 5.44, the most recent). I still have not gotten an answer.
  21. The new version of Kaspersky 2019 ( no longer shows these pop-pups, even if you enable SSL verification.
  22. Thanks Bernie, but I did what you said and the same situation appears in the image. I contacted the technical support (I sent the GSI report and the images) and indicated me that: All networks that appear here are networks that are identified in Windows settings, to delete this network should go to the Windows network settings in Control Panel - Network and Sharing Center - Change board settings and here you will find this network may delete this (but depending on your card and its operation you may lose the network connection). This network is configured as a public network and off, then our program is fully protecting your Desktop as everything that goes on in this network is to be filtered with all security filters. I think I can rest easy with this problem.
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