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  1. I have a few people including myself that remotely login to my server through RDP. To try and make my 2008 R2 server more secure I'd like to block ALL incoming IP addresses except for the few I list. I've been searching for information on how to do this now but can't really find anything in it. I know how to make packet rules because I've already had to open a few IP addresses and a port so my online backup wouldn't continually fail but when looking at the packet rules already there it's confusing as to what does what and what might override what. Also, and I have no clue about this but does the order of the rules from top to bottom apply in that order? The following are all the rules that look like they're in someway associated with TCP and I don't know what I'd need to change to get what I'm looking for at all. Anyway, to me these look like all the inbound traffic things. Remote Desktop/inbound TCP (inbound) Local Services (TCP) (inbound) Any incoming TCP stream (inbound) Any network activity, trusted network (inbound/outbound) Any network activity, local network (inbound/outbound) If anyone could help e out with this it would be greatly appreciated... Thank you, Mike