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  1. Hi Surfer Guy, [Note to Moderators: This is an old post, but this post comes up first when Googling this specific error. Nonetheless, feel free to move this to a new thread.] I am also running PURE, but with WinXP HE SP3. I was also getting InfoWatch CryptoStorage Protected Services crashes (ProtectedObjectsSrv.exe) dozens of times each day (see attached screenshot), and assumed the problem was entirely with the PURE software. After discussing the issue with KL's US Tech Support Team (Thanks, Chris), the support ticket was escalated to KL's Program Compatibility Issues Team. While there is still a problem with PURE 9 --- there should not be untrappable errors --- it should be fixed with the next release of PURE (2012?). In the meantime, I discovered that one or more of the WinXP services (many are the same with Win7) that I usually have disabled must be contributing to the problem. If I enable all WinXP HE services that are enabled out of the box (see Black Viper's Website), the InfoWatch crashes go away. This is not a good solution for me, however, as it is a matter of having 47 XP services enabled versus 18 which is a huge performance issue for me. KL's Program Compatibility Issues Team recommended this course of action, which does indeed stop the InfoWatch CryptoStorage Protected Services crashes: 1) Close the KL PURE GUI. (right-click on the Kaspersky K in the lower right corner of your screen, and choose Exit.) 2) From the Start Menu, Choose All Programs > Kaspersky PURE > and look for Modify, Repair or Remove. Click the Modify button. 3) Click on Data Encryption, and then click Feature will be unavailable. 4) Click Next. 5) Click Install. 6) When the process completes, reboot the your computer. As I said, this stops the crashes. And US Tech Support assures me that one, disabling Data Encryption does not compromise protection, and two, the issue of the crashes should be fixed with the next release of PURE (PURE 10, 2012, whatever). I captured several screenshots with respect to the InfoWatch CryptoStorage Protected Services crashes, my XP services configuration and my Process Explorer system information. If anyone would like to see them, send me an email and I will send you the links. Ron Lopshire
  2. I should have added that, even for those who have and use a version of the MS Office Suite, using the application Viewers is also a good part of VBA security. Excel Viewer 2003 Word Viewer 2003 PowerPoint Viewer 2003 The Viewers do not contain the VBA engine(s), and as such are a safe means for opening Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents from untrusted sources. BTW, these Viewers are susceptible to the same non-VBA exploits as the parent Office apps. IOW, they must also be kept updated. Ron
  3. You will, of course. How is KL, or anyone else for that matter, supposed to know what is dangerous, or not? 1) Install Self-Cert. OFF2000: Using SelfCert to Create a Digital Certificate for VBA Projects This Office feature is not installed by default. Run the Office Installer from your Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs applet, and add the SelfCert executable. 2) Run SelfCert, and create your own personal Digital Certificate for VBA projects. You will have to do this on each Windows box on which you run your own VBA stuff. 3) From the VBIDE, add your Digital Certificate to your project(s), and save the project(s). 4) From Tools -> Macro -> Security, set Macro security to Medium on the Security Level tab. 5) The first time that you launch a document with this project, you will be given the option of enabling the macros. Check Always Trust this Source (or something similar), check enable macros, and click on OK. This Source, of course, refers to your personal Digital Certificate. 6) Save your document. Now each time that you open this document, your macros will automatically be enabled, and you will no longer get the popup. With your VBA macro security level set to Medium, the only VBA procedures (macros) that will automatically be enabled will be those signed with your personal Digital Certificate or signed by Microsoft. You will still be prompted to enable all other VBA code. When using VBA code from other sources, copy the code into a clean, virgin document. This precludes missing any hidden modules or code. Determine that the code is safe, and digitally sign it, if you wish. This is the only way to handle VBA security on your system. No third-party vendor is capable of developing a better, IMHO, VBA security solution. Ron
  4. Thanks for the clarification, Lucian. And so, PeoplePC users should have no trouble with KIS/KAV 7. Correct? Ron
  5. Which XP services are enabled and started? http://www.blackviper.com/WinXP/servicecfg.htm I only have 3 instances of svchost.exe running on my WinXP HE box. But then I have disabled over 90 of Uncle Bill's services. As Paul suggested, use PE to check out the processes running on your system, and then disable any services that you don't need or use. Ron
  6. +1 When I went looking for a replacement for NIS 2 years ago, I narrowed the choices down to KAV and NOD32. I chose KAV because of this Forum, and particularly because of Don. That is why KL needs to get the server problems resolved WRT the server on which this board is hosted. This Forum is the best marketing tool that KL has going for them. Hands down. Ron
  7. Which version of AVS are you using? Make sure that you are using MP2 (AVS [attachmentid=32578] You can get AVS MP2 here: http://download.nullsoft.com/avs/AVS_v25.exe Most of the klif.sys problems that I have seen are with earlier versions of AVS. Ron
  8. I am not currently using the KIS FW, but I have never had any problems with K-Meleon and KIS 6 --- MP0, MP1 or MP2. Which version of K-Meleon are you using? http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/ The current version (1.1) is based on the Mozilla codebase. I don't remember which versions of FF and/or SM used this codebase. If you have no problems with FF, SM, Moz or Netscape 7.2, you should have no problems with K-Meleon. They are all based on the same Gecko engines. If you want to do some troubleshooting, try one of the corresponding Mozilla browsers. ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/ As I said, no problems here with KIS 6 and K-Meleon. In fact, even less tweaking than with Firefox. Ron
  9. The way that Nick explained it to me was that SAS used the temporary folder/directory to preclude the need for a reboot after a module/definition update. Even though in almost all cases the file itself (SSUPDATE.EXE) is not changed (same hash), the KIS FW will flag it because it was there, and then it wasn't, and then it was back. To the FW, that is a change. I wonder if there is anyway for the FW (in the future) to recognize this behavior, and only flag the file if the hash changes. I can see why telling KIS to completely ignore the file might not be the best approach. Ron
  10. Prior to KIS/KAV 7, KL was run by the engineering department. Evidently, KL is now run by the marketing department. But then again, that happens with a lot of companies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norton_antivirus Just my 0.02. Ron
  11. Yea! Really! Please, can we all get back to something important? http://preview.tinyurl.com/3dmnsy Ron
  12. Here is a trick that I saw in another NG (Thanks SZ). As pointed out, use this only temporarily in case of a problem updating. In most cases, for most AVS users, letting the AVS updater find the server works best. As I said, I have had no problems updating AVS over the past month or so. Ron
  13. What does this look like? [attachmentid=32361] I have had AVS installed for about a month, and have had no more update glitches than I did with KIS installed. One thing that will affect server load-balancing is the location of the request. I am in SW Ohio. By default, KIS/KAV/AVS uses a proxy server, IOW IE settings. I disabled that. [attachmentid=32363] I have prevented IE (not the GUI, but the embedded IE engine) from connecting to the internet, except when I need to use Microsoft Updates. I do not allow any software on my WinXP box to use an MS proxy server. Ron
  14. Is any of this germane to the ChkDsk/File problems? http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/13397/1103/ Ron
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