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  1. Seems we're having the same issue. I have a thread here too. Only difference is that I am experiencing the problem with both 2016 & 2017. *Just a quick edit to add that I'm using the standard Windows 10 Home.
  2. Well, gladly it didn't take all that long to ascertain if the issue was solved.. Unfortunately the answer is no, the scanning etc during full screen mode whilst gaming is still going on. My gaming session just ground to a halt with KIS2017 the red handed culprit. As before, I have all the 'performance check boxes ticked, although i noted that 2017 doesn't specifically mention limiting scans in full screen gaming. However the computer isn't exactly idling either so what's going on here? Thanks!
  3. Have followed the advice. Have 2017 installed but may require some time to ascertain if issues are resolved. The problem is an occasional one so will update after a few days testing. Unless there is a way to diagnose at will?
  4. Occasionally during a gaming session the FPS will drop and processing grinds to a halt. Checked Task Manager and sure enough KIS is sat at the top hogging the resources whilst the KIS tray icon flashes away, I have double checked that the Gaming Profile and Computer Resources settings are enabled so baffled why this is happening. I am using a fairly old i7-740QM XPS17 laptop whilst I'm rebuilding my two main rigs but it should be able to cope admirably in such circumstances.. It's always been a trooper and there is no sign of any throttling or anything hardware based. Is there something I'm missing. I'm still quite a novice with KIS having only recently converted from Norton 360 which I used for several years without encountering any issues like this.
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