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  1. Deploying Device Images from local NAS

    Update Agents can be used at remote locations to deploy definitions/patches/software.... but not for OS images.
  2. Deploying Device Images from local NAS

    Thanks. Mark it as solved....
  3. Sure would be nice to have the ability to deploy OS images from a location other than KSC. In my case I have around 20 remote locations with each site having a local NAS. While we have migrated most of the remote users to VM's, we still have the need for 3 to 4 physical PC's at each site. I was hoping to be able to push the OS image capture out to all my remote NAS servers to avoid having the deployment task for each PC pull the OS image from our HQ.
  4. Deploying Device Images from local NAS

    Well that is a real bummer.
  5. I have about 30 Windows XP machines located at various remote offices that I need to upgrade to Windows 7. Using Kaspersky Security Center v10.4.343, I have captured a deployment image and I am ready to test the functionality here at our headquarters. Only 3 of those 30 PC's are located here with the rest being located at remote sites. I see that I can make NAS at each location a PXE server, but the main deployment image will still be pulling from our Kaspersky Security Center server at our headquarters. How do I go about distributing this image to my remote NAS servers? I can setup each of these remote NAS servers as Update Agents, but there doesn't seem to be any interface for managing the Update servers.
  6. Light Agent 4.0 Incorrect Domain [In progress]

    No, it's not a problem at all. It's something I noticed when I upgraded from 3 to 4. I wasn't sure if it was something intentional or if I had something squirrely going on with my Security Center.
  7. Light Agent 4.0 Incorrect Domain [In progress]

    I think the "corresponding specialist" forgot about me....
  8. KES 10 SP2 - Restart request

    I purposely have my Network Agent policy configured to Prompt user for action->Repeat prompt every 10min->Force restart after 60min because these are the settings I want for my infrastructure when I approve a software update. This allows me to approve updates after hours but still gives any users that might be working late, remote, etc. to save their work and prepare. I also get the peace of mind that the update is not only installed but it's not just sitting there waiting for the user to manually reboot. What happened has happened. I don't think anyone in this thread is necessarily seeking a solution as to the why or how but rather we are voicing our concerns that if a simple Definition Database update (a task that runs multiple times all day every day) is going to require a reboot, then a heads up from Kaspersky would be much appreciated. This is obviously not typical behavior of Kaspersky which is why you have admins here posting that we are surprised to see this happen.
  9. KES 10 SP2 - Restart request

    GuiltySpark, we received the OpenSSL update last week but it did not trigger a reboot required on any of the end-user PC's. There was a bang on the tray icon stating that the application itself needed to be restarted. I was able to manage application restarts via Security Center without the need to reboot the entire PC. This update is actually triggering a O/S reboot and Network Agent is following my policy to notify every 10min and then force reboot after 1hr. I would just like some type of advanced notice of a database update that is going to require a O/S reboot.
  10. KES 10 SP2 - Restart request

    As soon as I got to work this morning I got hammered with "why did Kaspersky reboot my PC?" Of course my first response was "It can't be Kaspersky because I have it set so that it must have my approval prior to software updates!" Once I get logged in and start checking event logs, sure enough a database update has triggered a reboot countdown. It would be nice to have some type of advanced notification from Kaspersky when something like this is coming down the pipe. Grant us sys admins the opportunity to have a plan of action. I could have stayed late last night, made temporary changes to the system, etc. Just being aware of it would helped so I'm not a deer in headlights at 8AM!
  11. Had the same issue on my laptop when I arrived at work. Running Windows 10 1703 & KES v10.3.0.6294. Nothing in Security Center has reported that any of my client's need to be rebooted. The message in the event log for my PC is rather vague as seen in the screenshot.
  12. Approved Kaspersky Software Updates

    Just replied to the email requesting that it be reopened and I received a response that the issue has been closed and to please create a new request. So is this an issue that needs to be handled via the company portal or can we troubleshoot here?
  13. Approved Kaspersky Software Updates

    Are you reopening the incident?
  14. Approved Kaspersky Software Updates

    10.4.343 INC000007718415
  15. Issue: Kaspersky Software Updates never appear under Advanced->Application Management->Software Updates I've been using Kaspersky Security Center for almost three years now and during this time, only once have I been able to approve a Software Update and have it pushed to my clients. My environment includes a mix of KES v10.2.5.3201, KES v10.3.0.6294, LA v4.0.46.281, & NA v10.4.343. As you can see in the screenshot below, KES v10.2.5.3201 is the ONLY version that is listed as an available update. KES v10.3.0.6294 & NA v10.4.343 were both released in April and has still not shown up in this list. Is there something wrong with my Security Center? I put in a ticket for this issue and was told that it should appear here soon and to just wait. How long does/should it take for updates to appear in this list once the files have been posted on your support site for download?