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  1. I found a solution. For future reference, the error i had was NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE in hal.dll I found this link: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...p;#entry2539166 (in spanish) After translating it the solution was to run bcdedit /set x2apicpolicy disable in a command prompt and reboot.
  2. Are you sure it is the correct file? After i installed it and applied the license file the server bluescreened. When it started back up i was again asked to apply the license, and when i did it crashed again. Server in question is an HP proliant 380 gen 9 running windows 2012R2 standard.
  3. Hi, Im looking for a download of the latest version of Kaspersky endpoint for file servers. On the website it directs me to the same version as for workstations? is this correct? Thanks, Peter
  4. The trace can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7vcof4bp6fcorje/K...%20Lab.zip?dl=0 What i did was enable tracing, enabled web control, mail, IM and web anti virus, restarted KES, started netbeans and did three connection attempts, exited netbeans and then disabled tracing. I hope this is correct.
  5. I have already done that. I did it even before contacting you here at the forums, but it didnt help unfortunately. See attached pic.
  6. How do I do that? If i look in KSC in policy properties > App privilege control > Application rules > settings, that list is completely empty. And if i click Add i only seem to be able to search for apps, but the list comes up empty. If i do the same thing locally on the client, the list is populated, but netbeans is not in the list at all.
  7. Here is the export of the policy used for our developer computers. dev.zip dev.zip
  8. Yes, I added it even before i contacted you here on the forum, but it never made any difference.
  9. I know how to enable and disable them. But what i dont know is how to allow netbeans to get internet access with web, mail and IM protection components activated? I cant keep using my computer with those deactivated.
  10. Sorry, i meant the remaining antivirus components. At the moment i have mail, web and IM Anti-virus disabled as, as soon as i enable them again they block netbeans from updating.
  11. Ok, I have now gotten it to work. What i did was disable web control as well. I have started to re enable the disabled services and the ones causing the problems are Web control, Mail anti-virus, Web anti-virus and IM anti-virus. As soon as any one of these four is activated it will not allow netbeans to connect to its update server. So my question now is of course what settings do i need to do in order for me to re enable the remaining services? I can do without web control as we do not block any sites for our employees, but i would like to have the other ones activated.
  12. I dont see how to do that? It doesn't turn up in that list at all. Also, wouldn't disabling Application Privilege Control also disable any trusted zone settings?
  13. I've disabled each component one by one as you said (see attached pic) but it still doesn't work? I once again tried pausing the protection, and then it works, but when i unpause again it stops working.
  14. Hi, When i start netbeans on a client computer it tries to update online. This fails for whatever reason, and kaspersky seems to be the cause of it (it works if i disable kaspersky) My first thought was to allow it in application privilege list, but when i go in there it is not even in the list. How am i supposed to allow an application that is not in that list? Could there be a different setting that prevents netbeans from updating? Thanks Peter
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