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  1. i don't have access to client computer right now no , i didn't replace anything ... just updated KNA to patch f and installed KES on some new computers , this one with password issue it's not one of the computers that i installed
  2. yes, uninstalled network agent and reinstalled KES from KSC
  3. i tried but KSC doesn't see that the client has network agent installed , it has a -/- in the Agent/Antivirus column , but if i try to run the Install KES task got an error saying if i try to run the uninstall agent task i'm getting error
  4. I have a few clients in the network that were installed with KES before i got hired at the company , and they have network agent installed with password protection how can i change the password for these clients and/or remove and reinstall the network agent ?
  5. i ment for KES not for network agent or the KES updates are automatically installed ?
  6. if you think that there is nothing to do about the task timeout then it can be marked as solved i have one more question that i would like to ask in this topic , i've seen that KES update installed on clients is "update a" , is this the latest one for Anti-virus version: , Network Agent version: 10.1.249 , KSC 10.1.249 ? I have some other issues , but i will open new topics for those Thank you
  7. yes it looks like it gets installed even if the task completes with error i've checked some of the file properties in the kaspersky agent folder and the version is displayed as 10.1.377.0 Yes , the first thing that i did is , running the patch_10_1_249_server_f on the KSC server , no errors were reported
  8. none that i can see , the task just hangs at 32% when running it with "using network agent" , and no logs are created on the client machine side but after a while KSC software version report is displaying that patch f is installed on the client The task has been running for like an hour
  9. yes , if i run the installer locally on the client machine ... everything looks ok but i would like to do it from the KSC and "quiet" as opposed to http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...t&p=2434469
  10. i've installed the patch with the above "solution" so i don't know if the logs are relevant https://www.dropbox.com/s/ak5xyz54ll4v7t2/KESPatch.log?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/blowmxkvhnq3o5b/K...tchMSI.log?dl=0
  11. I was able to run the task by deselecting "Using Network Agent" and checking "Using Microsoft Windows resources ..." but than i have another issue , this message pops up and the task only completes if i "view the message" and this windows is displayed where i have to "press any key..." in cmd return i had to take the picture with the phone , because when i press the view message everything else is disabled (print screen included) http://i62.tinypic.com/10omdmq.jpg
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