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  1. Hi, I have Kaspersky Small Office Security v17.0.0.611 (e) running on Windows 10 Pro v1703. Every time I power up my PC I get three notifications: "Your computer needs to be restarted in order to finish setting device: Kaspersky Lab power events provider" (See uploaded image) I had same issue at home with Kaspersky Internet Security v17.0.0.611 (abcd) Windows 10 Pro v1703 until upgrade on Kaspersky Internet Security v18.0.0.405 (aben). After upgrade I do not have this issue anymore. But for Kaspersky Small Office Security I did not find new version. Here is GSI: GetSystemInfo
  2. Hello, I have Windows 10 v10.0.14393, with KSOS 5 v17.0.0.611 and TP-Link cloud camera NC200. After exiting KSOS 5, web live view and TP-Link application works fine, after starting KSOS do not work. I tried: Exception for your IP camera in Kaspersky Internet Security and Exception for your IP camera in Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 because settings are similar. After that i went to KSOS 5 Settings -> Protection and turning off option by option (File-Anti-virus, Web anti-virus, Aplication control, Firewall, Private Browsing, Webcam Protection, Software updater, Anti-barner, Network Blocker, System wacher, IM Anti-virus, Mail Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Application manager, Safe Money). After every turn-off I tried to load camera witout success. Then I went to Settings -> General and turn off protection then camera works in web browser and TP-Link application. Can anyone provide instruction how to setup this properly? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Form yesterday right after reinstallation it started to work. So far no problems (almost 24h), so I can say that problem is solved. Thanks everyone for help.
  4. Hi, I made KSC reinstall and Download updates to the repository works: Here is GSI after reinstall: GSI logs Hope this can help to resolve this issue in future. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Update source: proxy settings: Used Update utility and folder where the downloaded files are stored as a source for KSC repository: And same error as earlier in same time (about 10 sec after update starts): If you do not have any ideas how to fix this I will tray tomorrow to reinstall KSC. Thanks for your effort.
  6. Hi, Here is screenshot of KSC Administrative server service: and rest of Kaspersky services: Hope this will help. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Sorry for waiting I was on a trip. Here is GSI logs and traces: GSI logs and traces Thanks!
  8. Hi, Here is screenshots: I hope it would help. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Thank you for response. I tried to clear update repository from the KSC (Right click on the updates -> All Tasks -> Clear...). No effect, I am getting same error. Any advice? Thanks.
  10. Hi, Thanks for response. I tried to empty \Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Security Center\Share\Updates folder. But still in KSC update list is not empty in repository. And I am getting same error on update.
  11. I am running KSC v10.2.4.674 in test environment around a month adding one by one device with tendency to convert to production environment . Few last days I get noticed that I have issue with Download updates to the repository task. So I waited a day, then recreated task a few time with deferent settings and nothing. I am getting this when open task results: Status: Completed with error Description: Assertion "IsComponentStarted(pAgentProxy)" failed. Also I noticed that I have issue with workstation updates as well. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have also issue with Unprocessed files in KSC repository (KSC 10.3.407). Tried all except SQL script. Can you provide it? Thanks!
  13. Hello, I have issue with Win32/Bundpil.DF worm (ESET classification). I have installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 on Windows XP SP3 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 on Windows 10 Pro and after inserting USB drive in one of these devices all files become hidden. Scaning USB drives and full scaning of system are without any detection, so I am forced to use ESET live disc to clean this worm. Cleaning USB drives with Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 is also without any detection, but NOD32 clean again this worm. My firm is Kaspersky partner and selling Kaspersky software, but now I have few clients with this issue and I am forced to use other software to disinfect devices, so it is not good. Any advice? Solution? Thanks.
  14. No luck with cleaning temp folders. I still have entries in quarantine every 2-3 seconds (Trojan program Exploit.Win32.CVE-2010-2568.gen) then pause few hours and again starts. Also I have 2-3 objects in backup (Trojan program Packed.Win32.Salpack.e) every day.
  15. Hi, Thanks for response. Nextfik.exe is accounting application and it is trusted. It is strange that AVZ log do not show .tmp, while I still have about 1000-1800 objects in quarantine every day (Trojan program Exploit.Win32.CVE-2010-2568.gen) and 2-3 objects in backup (Trojan program Packed.Win32.Salpack.e ; C:\Users\Bojan\uwockj.tmp). I will try to content of the Temp folder and let you know. Thanks.