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  1. Just take a look here: <del> And you will find KIS2018. And I can confirm KIS2018 is working correctly with firewall & custom application control settings...
  2. As is posted earlier in other threads: no more big bug fixing is to be expected in version 2017, next big update is in version 2018, expected in 6 months.
  3. Most definately stay with KIS2016. Version 2017 has many, many issues. And these issues don't seem to be resolved in the patches. Problems with certificates, scanning of encrypted connections, remembering rules for firewall and programs... and so on. Maybe 2018 will be better, but I have given up hope on version 2017...
  4. How can this be done in KIS2016 because the menus seem to have changed over time... I can't find the right setting. Or is it impossible to turn off these nag screens about license renewal in KIS 2016?
  5. :dash1: Spoken too soon... Only one day after KIS2017 was freshly installed, it started to lose custom application rules again. Back to KIS2016 now. Unbelievable how unstable KIS2017 is.
  6. I can confirm. I have also used the removal tool to delete all kinds of possible remains of previous installations. I went as far back as to installations of KIS2014. So I used the tool several times and rebooted in between. After that I did a fresh installation of KIS2017, inserted the old license key and set it up to my liking with all kinds of application rules. And KIS2017 seems to hold its settings... So the problems seems to have arisen from the installation of KIS2017 over KIS2016. Yet another argument why it is always best to do just a new fresh install instead of an in place upgrade.
  7. KIS2017 has many, many problems: - logon loops - chrome x0142 error - chrome random crashes only happening with KIS2017 active - losing custom firewall and scanning settings - etc. All errors occur randomly, not every time, not with every (re)boot. With all these errors occuring one wonders how many bugs might be present in the part of the program that really matters: virus and malware detection and firewall. I will be running KIS2016 until it expires...
  8. Next year around september version 2018 will be launched. :dash1: So for a fix better not hold your breath until then. And how we would like to proceed? Kaspersky should proceed. It should proceed with fixing the many bugs that are appearing not only in KIS2017 but also in KIS2016 (0xc0000142 error). All too bad me thinks...
  9. It seems that the big bugs in the products of Kaspersky are no longer resolved (only cosmetic things in the GUI). Just like in this thread: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=354746 where they answer that things will be fixed in the 2018 edition, which will be launched in about 6-9 months. Totally unacceptable, totally ruining the reputation of Kaspersky. Very regrettable, because I really liked KIS. This is not why I pay an annual fee. I pay this fee so that bugs will be resolved and that I can use the program error free. I suppose the best thing is to let my subscription expire and maybe look elsewhere.
  10. Is your method still working? The problems of losing custom rules and setting is still gone? Then it might be worth while to start from scratch...
  11. Is this the way we must act in order to workaround a big bug that Kaspersky doesn't want to fix? That is not why I pay my annual subscription fee, just to have a so-called security program that loses its settings at some random time by which my systems becomes vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. This is not quite up to the reputation KIS is said to have. Even free solutions are better than that. Greatly disappointed by all this.
  12. So we have to wait for almost a whole year to get this issue resolved? Most ridiculous I think. I will be using my KIS2016 until it expires then. And after that who knows?
  13. I rather suspect that some configuration file is still in use (locked) by KIS2017 while rebooting. And the computer restarts before KIS2017 is able to write the complete file to disk, leaving behind a corrupted configuration file. KIS2017 should not allow the reboot to take place before all files that are in use by KIS2017 are completely written to disk.
  14. I have no INC numbers, I have sent the information directly because I was contacted by Technical Support by e-mail / private message (can't rember which it was unfortunately). But they must have sufficient data by now? We all have the same problem and people have sent in their reports...
  15. I have sent a lot of information to Tech Support months ago, never heard anything about it since... I sent them the description of the problem and also GSI information, so... ? Very weird problem: losing custom settings when rebooting sometimes & losing custom settings when exporting configuration.
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