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  1. I couldn't agree more! In addition, the password manager for Pure 3.0 wasn't even storing the expiration date for CCs for me correctly. Despite my hatred for <del> I'm now back to using them because at least there software works. edit: del unnecessary advertising.
  2. I shouldn't have to uninstall utilities that I use on a regular basis in order to have your software run correctly! I'm disabled and some of these utilities make life much easier for me to use a computer. I understand removing the Norton files and they were removed earlier and the problem still existed. I wish I had never bought Kaspersky and would certainly return it to Amazon where I bought it if I wasn't already past the return timeframe! I've never had so much trouble installing a software package in my life nor had problems with one once installed like I did with Pure 3.0.
  3. Files Are Attached Nothing showed up is needing to be uninstalled but I ran it for Pure 3.0, Pure/Crystal and Password Manager, I ran it for each one twice rebooting between each removal. KL_syscure.zip GetSystemInfo_L850_Mark_R_2014_11_29_21_21_50.zip
  4. Is the AVZ drive for something that would have been installed when I manually installed klim6.sys_x64 as I was instructed to do by one of the techs that was helping me with my error that I quoted the number from earlier? Anyway I removed Norton Security and rebooted then tried to reinstall KTS and I get the same error. Also I was reading some information under the password manager and it looks like I won't have the option to store the information locally, it can only be stored on the Kaspersky servers, is that true?
  5. With the older version of Password Manager that was part of Pure 3.0 it was possible to retain all of your information locally and not have it stored on the Kaspersky servers. My initial impression is that this is not an option with the newest version of password manager that works with KTS. Is this true? I don't trust my personal information being stored on a place that I don't have full control of! That's the reason I left another companies security products and probably will end up being the reason I leave Kaspersky.
  6. Yes, it's being replaced by Kaspersky Total Security (a.k.a. Pure 4.0)
  7. Sorry I hit the wrong number, here's number seven. It was small enough to directly attach. KL_syscure.zip
  8. I used dropbox instead of what you suggested because I already have an account there and use it often. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o53daorki2j93q6/v...o_L850.zip?dl=0 Thanks for the help, Mark Radell
  9. Attached are the files I got my running the scans you asked me to. I turned off the Norton firewall prior to running them, I also don't have the Windows firewall turned on. Prior to doing that I had run the Kaspersky removal tool twice in safe mode. I'm presently running Norton Security because of the problems I'm having. The open case is INC000003685061 where you can see the many things I've tried. This request started with the problem not saving cc expiration dates correctly and has evolved since then. There was a separate incident for the keyboard problem which I finally solved by uninstalling and reinstalling Pure 3.0. GetSystemInfo_L850_Mark_R_2014_11_28_21_10_37.zip avz_log.txt
  10. No, I actually get Error 27300. Error installing driver klim6.sys_x64 I didn't realize there were replies to most of my posts because they replies reposted was in my post so I looked at the headings it didn't like somebody else it posted.
  11. I was fed up with Norton so I decided to try Kaspersky. I bought Pure 3.0 and the installation went fine however the password manager would not remember the expiration date of credit cards I had stored in it. I contacted Kaspersky support and opened the case. They replied rapidly with several suggestions to solve the problem but none of them worked. Finally they said I should upgrade to KTS and they sent me the download link. When I tried to install KTS I kept getting an error saying that one of the files could not be installed and the installation rolled back. I contacted support again about this problem and have been working with them for about a month trying various things they sent me every couple of days. Nothing Works!! I'm still experiencing the original problem and it doesn't appear as this is a revolution in sight. I guess maybe Norton wasn't so bad after All, at least when I upgraded the program everything went fine and worked correctly. The only reason I got upset with them was because they kept trying to force everyone to move there Vault to the cloud instead of letting you leave it local. Why don't really like that idea I can get around it now fairly simply and I'll delay that issue until I buy a new PC! Kaspersky has been very frustrating to say the least through this entire issue, I expect software to work correctly out of the box.
  12. Hi, Msradell! the Pure3 uses normally the following path for KPM Password Database: \Documents\Passwords Database\Default.spdb. The beta-KPM stores its Database in two files here: c:\Users\%username%\appdata\Local\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Password Manager\ kpm_vault.pdb kpm_vault.pdb-crypto You can backup both files external to keep the DB save during beta-testing.
  13. Hi, Msradell! It looks like your question is not related to KPM beta-test , am I right? If you're using KPM beta 1279 actually: the KPM blocks the capturing of new web-accounts if the limit of free license is reached. 15 accounts is the limit. Next time I'd love to know the sites , which you have problem with. Thank you.
  14. We keep hearing about a update to Pure/KTS and it's reportedly been in beta testing for quite a while. Yet recently information about it has been very hard to find. What's the latest anybody has heard about this upcoming software?
  15. I'm using Pure 3.0 and have noticed that the credit card data I have saved in the password manager does not save the expiration date correctly! It always default to the year 5788 and the month changes randomly. Any idea what could be causing this?
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