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  1. Mystery solved, maybe. I just got an email from Kaspersky thanking me for subscribing to automatic updates and telling me my credit card will be billed for another year of Kaspersky KIS. I never signed up, knowingly. Was it that little ticked box in the bottom left-hand corner?
  2. Last week my KIS (paid version) popped up to say it had updated itself. I clicked on the "OK" button and, as I did, noticed that in the bottom left-hand corner of the pop-up there was tick-box (already ticked) with some words. Too late! The KIS pop-up closed. What did I agree to? Anybody know?
  3. Thanks for the link. Assuming I'm in the right folder, which one of these is my brand new KIS 2017? And, once installed, overwriting KIS 2016, is it sure to accept the activation code I got with the temporarily unavailable upgrade/renewal?
  4. The link Kaspersky sent me is: http://www.kaspersky.com/it/internet-security-latest-versions which is still "temporarily unavailable". The link you provide goes to the free trial version. I have already paid. 30 days from now I don't want my paid-for version to start telling to pay for it.
  5. Saturday morning I paid my annual Kaspersky Internet Security renewal and clicked on the link to the download. The result is attached - site down for "scheduled maintenance".. In the email Kaspersky sent me, the download link goes to the same place. This morning same story. Looks like the rest of Kaspersky is still working. I can't find any announcement about the maintenance or when it will end here or on Kaspersky's twitter pages. What to do?
  6. Thanks. In the meantime, other sources say what's probably happened is "trust between Firefox and Kaspersky is broken" (e.g. when one or the other updates). So, alternative solution is to import the dummy Kaspersky certificate into FF: Options > Advanced > Certificates > View certificates > Import... and look for (fake)Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Root Certificate.cer in C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\... More here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubl...UER#w_kaspersky
  7. Today Kaspersky Internet Security updated itself. Ever since then Firefox refuses to make any https connection because it says the SSL certificate has not been issued by a trusted authority. When I get into the details, it turns out the issuing authority for all of them - including the New York Times and Google - is "AO Kaspersky Lab" (see pix, if they uploaded). I guess this new feature came with this morning's update. How do I turn it off?
  8. I renewed my Kaspersky internet security. In the process... 1) the thank you page (after the renewal) had a link to a video on how to install the software, but the video was about how to upgrade from the free to paid version 2) after renewal, I continued to get emails about how my KIS was about to expire and encouraging me to renew 3) when I replied to the emails saying I had already renewed (I know, it's a no-reply system), Kaspersky opened a ticket and then let me know I had been removed from the newsletter mailing list (resolved) 4) after installing the update, I inserted the license code and was advised that on expiry, KIS would be be automatically renewed 5) today, KIS expired and advised that I should renew as soon as possble. I inserted the code again and I'm good another 365 days. In other words, every step of the way, something went wrong (or at least not the way it was supposed to). No harm was done, but if KIS is supposed to be protecting my PC, some evidence of functioning artificial intelligence (we know people cost too much) would be confidence-raising. And it's hot.
  9. I deselected that option a year ago and the plug-ins are still active in Firefox. It doesn't work. If you disable the plugins in FF, they re-enable themselves the next time you open FF. The KIS extensions are disablible, but not the plugins. If you want them disabled, I guess only way is to disabl and then never close firefox.
  10. Thanks. There I get two options: 1) buy a new version for $79.95, plus some unspecified extra "dependent upon where you are located and where the product is shipped from". So, in English (probably) but with VAT (probably - where is it shipped from?) and no 15% renewal discount for customer loyalty. 2) License Renewal & Upgrade Center http://www.kaspersky.com/renew_license ...which asks me, step 1, to enter my licence number, which is 32 numbers long and K has wisely made un-right-click-copiable, although there is a red cross beside it which may (but who knows?) either allow me to copy it or hide it forever. So I take what looks like a suboption on the same page, which is supposedly about how to find my licence number but, if you enlarge the second screenshot, actually suggests I click the "Renew" button on my current K. So I click on "Rinnova" (that's Renew in Italian) and can get what I want for 55.95 euros, probably without VAT, which is about $60, but... in Italian. So, let's try copying (with a pencil) that licence number and typing it in the box. Here we go... "Validate" and there it is: $79.95, plus some unspecified extra "dependent upon where you are located and where the product is shipped from". Meanwhile, my search for Kaspersky in "English with the discount" has left a trail and I keep getting email reminders from Kaspersky to renew, with links to the US site (region 1) where I can't buy it unless I move to the wsetern hemisphere. And it's hot.
  11. Thanks. I wernt to the site (Kaspersky USA), clicked on "Renew subscription" and can get a 3-PC English version for $59.95. But the "Customer & Payment Information (All fields are required)" doesn't include Italy (it's for Western hemisphere countries). If I try http://www.kaspersky.co.uk/ (UK and Ireland) my billing address options are UK, Ireland and the Falklands. Looks like my only option is Kaspersky "Italy and Switzerland" (http://www.kaspersky.com/it/) where the language is... Italian! So, I'm stuck with Italian unless I can find a shop that sells an English version? Couldn't the language version be an option on a drop-down list when I renew my subscription online? Or is it like regions for DVDs?
  12. The shop that built my PC (in Italy) installed an Italian version of Kaspersky Internet Security. But I just live here, my language is English. I just got a pop-up message from Kaspersky saying it was time to renew. The https://store.kaspersky.it download_update page is in Italian. I don't see any way to change language and anything that indicates I will be able to choose to download an English version before clicking the "Pay" button. Any advice? thanks.
  13. Thanks, and one more question... Before I uninstall Kaspersky on PC-b, should I disconnect from Internet? (If I stay online, presumably, PC-b has no protection once it's uninstalled) And if I do disconnect, at what point do I reconnect (e.g. to activate the license)?
  14. I have two PCs, each with a different Kaspersky Internet Security 2013. The KIS 2013 on PC-a expired this week. So, I purchased the latest KIS and installed it, inserted the validation code, and everything's OK. The KIS 2013 on PC-b expires in 21 days. Since the KIS I installed on PC-a is for 3 devices, do I simply install it on the new PC now and enter the same validation code when it expires? Thanks
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