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  1. Thank you for your answer And is it possible configure on the Scantask? Where can I find the option?
  2. Hi On the normal Kaspersky Internet Security can you choose between 4 Options: Do not Scan Prompt for Action Full Scan Quick Scan like this: Example When I go to the KSC I can only choose between Full Scan and Quick Scan. Is there a possibility to have also the Option: Prompt for Action? Thank you for your help. Regards
  3. Hi The KSC Version is: 10.1.249 and the client Version is (a) Regards
  4. Hi How can I set in the policy from the KSC10, that the user can chose which Action he want when he put an USB inside his computer? I see only that I can choose between "full scan" or "quick scan" in the properties from the policy. Thank you for your help. Regards
  5. Hello Thank you for your reply. I have attached the printscreen from tool. And second: I havent found a button where I can choose that he should uninstall all kaspersky products. I must choose one of the Product. I have done with: Endpoint Security 10 and both Network Agent. Best Regards
  6. Hello I installed the KSC 10 and deploy all our needed packages with success. But on my computer i installed for testing first and uninstall after this to test again. I think this was a not a good idea, because I can not install again the Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10. The Agent install with success and every time when this is done, the KSC show me a message, that he dont have connection to my computer. I have deactivate my firewall / Windows Defender and used many time the kavremover. Can you help my by this problem? Another short questions: I have to do proccess exclusions for my MS Exchange. I found how I can make file and drive exclusions but i cant find where I can define Proccess exclusions. Would be nice when you can help =) Best Regards
  7. Hi Here ist the whole mail which I recieve from when I send a Mail from Postfix via Telnet. Hups I can not attach a file in .eml format (not enough rights). So maybe it works with .zip Mail.zip
  8. Hi We tested the klms 8.0 in a test environment and everything looks great. After this we install the this in our life environment. We use for the Host a Linux Ubuntu 12.04.4 with the newest postfix (donwloaded from apt-get). Our Idea is, that all incoming mails going to the postfix with KLMS and the postfix relay all mails to our exchange. When I sent a mail from postfix with telnet, the mails arrive at the exchange but the spamfilter from KLMS destroy our Header (see attachment). He write the complete header into the mail message field. I checked the main.cf from postfix and its exactly the same configuration like the test envirnment. Can somebody help me with this problem? I tried yesterday for 6 hours and I cant solve the problem.
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