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  1. Seems to be fixed now thanks. ISO once more available for download, & has bases folder with files dated 7 March 2015. Thanks, Ron
  2. Australian website only offers 1.415 as the latest. Also as I've posted in Rescue Disk forum, not found error 404 when try to download Rescue Disk ISO or the app to burn that to USB. Apparently quite a number of issues with Kaspersky websites for downloads. I guess someone is working on rescue files downloads as well?? Ron
  3. Hi, Recently updated to KIS 2015. Couldn't find the tool that was in previous versions to create Rescue Disk. I use Update Utility to update several computers, so have an Update Folder with latest updates already downloaded. Now see in How to Create USB Rescue http://support.kaspersky.com/8092 that Create Rescue tool not included in 2015 version! Backward step IMHO. Now I can't find website to download rescue ISO. All I've found is http://rescuedisk.kaspersky-labs.com/rescu...v_rescue_10.iso which comes up with not found error. I have downloaded the ISO file last July, but I was told the ISO is updated regularly, so best to download just before needed. Also I didn't download the Record Rescue to USB app, which also now shows not found error 404. What is happening? Is a new version being put online, or files being moved? If I burn ISO to rewritable DVD, can updates be installed to that, or Rescue USB? Or is a large download of updates needed every time rescue used? Thanks, Ron
  4. Thanks very very much Helmut. Works great on my home network. Initial download half a GB, so saved doing that a couple more times. Looks like I wasn't the only person waiting on the Utility to b updated for 2015 versions, looking at the number of downloads of your files already! Xpreme, yes I just copied the 3 new files Helmut changed into my Update Utility program folder (which was latest update utility version, same as Helmut zip file name), so they replace existing files of same name. Then run the Update GUI exe as usual, & it comes up with these 2 2015 versions of KIS already selected as the programs I wish to get updates for. I think I had to re-select the folder to save updates to - I used same folder name as I had for 2014 updates, after adding 2014 to end of name of that existing update folder. I didn't bother uninstalling 2014 version, so KIS 2015 had my old source folders in it already & Kaspersky Labs source as inactive, so wouldn't try there if network error. NB they say internet has to be connected when KIS updating even from network folder, to verify legitimate key. I've been able to update from network folder occassionally without internet connected, so mightn't check key every day, but I have a legitimate key, so I nearly always update KIS with internet connceted. I created a Restore Point on each machine 1st, as these forums recommend uninstall old version of KIS 1st, but I haven't had trouble yet installing 2015 over 2014 on Win 7 machines.
  5. Up to 2012 version [i think], user inferface > setup > updates had obtion to save updates to folder. That option not in later versions, even though in other companies security programs. KIS may well copy updates to it's program data folder, but denies user access to such folder. Maybe there is a way to allow access, say disable self defence on the computer with the updates, but that doesn't sound a safe way to update (have to also disconnect modem from internet & remember to enable Self Defence every day?). I think the easier option is to swap to another companies program when my licences expire in a few months.
  6. Still no change to Update Utility, so can't download 2015 updates. 2015 Australian version released earlier this month. I have NO idea if it once again allows Save Updates to Folder so can update from there, as I'm NOT going to install 2015 to find out it doesn't, then have to reinstall & update 2014. Easiest solution might be to change to another company's security, where multi-updates from a single source is easy. Ron
  7. Thanks Egor. Still no answer from tech support re the traces sent few months ago; I guess they busy on 2015 versions. But u have shown how to create Rescue Disk without using Kaspersky program, so that enables me to bypass my initial problem, thank you. Ron
  8. Still no reply from Tech Support. Egor, I didn't realise anyone can use Rescue Disk, doesn't need a product key or to have KIS installed on at least 1 computer, so thanks for that info. When boot from Rescue USB Disk & update is run in rescue program, are the updates saved to the USB? If saved to the hard drive of problem computer, if another computer needs rescue disk in say a month or 2, need internet connection & lot of updates to download again? In the past when I've used earlier version of KIS to create the Rescue Disk, the Rescue Disk is up to date when created, so no internet connection needed on problem computer & still has nearly the latest antivirus, or if can connect to internet, then not much of a download. But I was using rewritable CD, so created new Rescue CD regularly, so reasonably up to date in case of emergency on any computer. Thanks
  9. INC000003328459. A few days ago, I asked through My Kaspersky Account, how long a reply should take, but haven't received any reply (to that or the technical support request made nearly 3 weeks ago). Please note I'm using 2014 version (latest version for Australia at the moment + I use Kaspersky Update Utility as several computers to update & that Utitity hasn't been updated to download for 2015 version last time I checked). The error is occurring trying to update the iso file BEFORE burning to CD or copying to USB. The wizard doesn't get up to asking what type of Rescue Disk I want to create. So I'm wondering how the link u gave can help? Thanks for being the only person to reply.
  10. Still waiting for KL response. About how long do they usually take? Is it rude or unreasonable to ask where they up to after a fortnight?
  11. Thanks Egor. I did this on 24th, waiting for there response.
  12. I notice KIS 2015 available on US website, but Australian site doesn't mention, having sale on 2014 versions. So looks like Aussies have to wait bit longer for 2015 for our region. I use Kaspersky Update Utility to save bandwidth downloading updates to KIS 2014 computers on home network. Update Utility v. doesn't include any 2015 applications yet. Took quite a few months after release of 2014 applications b4 Update Utility was updated for those apps. So I'd like to let someone relevant know Update Utility is important now that definitions updates by KIS can't be saved to folder these days. Maybe I should ask Kaspersky direct?
  13. I've downloaded Rescue iso twice (v. few months apart. Same problem with both isos. Create Rescue CD wizard in Internet Security 2014 seems to do nothing at "updating iso AV database & configuration files" window showing 0% updated & 20 minutes left, then after a few minutes "Error updating iso" window, even though connected to internet. Can I create a log file or something to show what is stopping the update? I'm running Win7 x64, Kaspersky Update Utility to download updates to folder on this computer, KIS update source = that folder, with Kaspersky servers inactive & 2nd source down list, & computer connected to internet. Changing Kaspersky servers to active didn't solve the problem, nor connecting to internet. Same problem on my other computer, when try to create Rescue CD. That computer updates from same folder on this computer via router & home network. Any suggestions please?
  14. The problem was on every startup, KIS '14 wanted to gather system info & send to K Labs. I'd click OK, it would gather info for a few minutes, then say error, can't send, even though on net at time. So deleted dump files in Program Files\Kaspersky Lab folder just now & seems to have solved the problem. If startup fails again in next few days, I'll post again. Otherwise leave it to Kaspersky to get send error info fixed. Richbuff, thanks for your time, Ron
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