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  1. I renewed over a month ago. There was a problem with activation that was dealt with. It is set up for automatic updates. My ignorance thinks that would be an Update Utility. Sorry for wandering into some sacred land I shouldn't have. Are you a volunteer or do you work for Kaspersky? Val
  2. I have renewed to the latest version of Kaspersky. I am now getting a message that says my "Databases are extremely out of date". Below that message it says my updates ran within the last few hours. I hit "update" and the message is still there. I'm getting really fed up with the hassles of renewing Kaspersky. Anyone have a solution? (aside from going back to Norton???)
  3. I asked a question - will there be an icon on the desktop like there had been with 2013 Anti-Virus. That shouldn't require me to download yet another program for you to get info on my system.
  4. I've updated to 2014. My "old" subscription expires in two day. For the last week I've had the icon on my screen with the yellow exclamation mark. Now, after updating, I don't have the icon. When I run task manager it doesn't show that Kaspersky is running. I've tried to turn it on from my start menu. All I get is a Licensing screen that tells me to renew. With 2014: Will there be an icon on the desktop that shows "green" and active? I've had problems with Kaspersky from time to time not being active - it would just randomly shut itself off and I would have to activate it. Once this morning, while closing screens to restart computer as instructed, I got a message from my computer telling me that Kaspersky wasn't activated. But when it restarted, that message didn't come up. In the past, when updating subscription, the icon wouldn't go "green" until the subscription ran out and the new one started. Now I'm concerned I'm not protected.
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