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  1. I have also been instructed by tech support to re-install C++. Not sure if I want to go through that and if it may have negative consequences on my other applications.
  2. I got the exact same error screens but only after un installing version 9 using Microsoft control panel program uninstall. Prior to that I tried a couple of times to install on top of 9 without success. Now that I have uninstalled 9, Version "setup_8.0.6.538.exe" also has the same errors toward the end of the installation just after the desktop gets refreshed.
  3. I also installed the new version pushed to me by Kaspersky, installed it and it worked fine on my Win764 machine. Both Firefox and Chrome worked for autofill after turning on the extension. The next day I boot up my computer and PM does not appear to start up. No PM icon in the icon tray. Try to start from the .exe in the Kaspersky folder,--nothing. Try to start using the Kaspersky Total Security interface,-- nothing. Try to start in the browser nothing. Downloaded version installed it,.. Nothing. Win7 services says that PM has started see attached. Now PM does not work at all not for autofill or anything
  4. Using on Win 7 64bit. PM no longer allows input using a wacom tablet for the PM virtual keyboard. You can use the Windows 7 virtual keyboard with the Wacom. I would like to make a request to fix this problem so PM works with the Wacom like it did in previous versions.
  5. I have noticed that there is no longer an easy click to activate virtual keyboard for the main password manager dialog box as well as other password entry fields. Is this because KIS has secure keyboard entry that is safe from key loggers? ALSO: The new secure on screen keyboard no longer lets me use my Wacom tablet pen as key selector. It greys out the keyboard and complains that it is not secure for "touch screen devices we recommend you use a mouse" Is there a work around for this? Thanks,
  6. After upgrading to Total Security and getting the new stand alone PM, I simply want to migrate my existing Pure3 PM password data base (.spdb) file to it. I have had nothing but headaches with the sync function on Pure3, and now do not wish to upload my PM info to anybody's cloud. Does the new PM use a .spdb file? If so where is it, I have searched for it. Thanks!
  7. Wondering if there are enough advantages of KTS vs Pure 3.0 that makes it worth updating all my devices. The basic internet security, firewall, scan, safe money, encription locker etc appear the same.
  8. Running Windows 7 6.1 64 bit. After running update and rebooting as described in the Important instructions, my Pure will not update from (d) to (e). My other computer running Win 7 also a 64 bit did update to patch e. My goal is to have both updated to e so I can sync passwords. Thoughts?
  9. I have manually updated the data bases and rebooted but am still on (d) E does not install. :angry:
  10. Ok I will try to update with (e) and report if it does not work. Thanks!
  11. Currently running version 13.o.2.658 (d) My PM never synced and still does not. When I enable sync, the sync dialog sync's forever. When I stop it, The Default.SPDB file is overwritten and all entries are gone. Once this happens, the only way to get PM to work again is to delete the new Default.spdb file and replace it with an old one. Having same problem on two desktops running Windows 7 64bit. Thoughts? Mike
  12. Not long after updating to the latest Pure 3, the password manager became incompatible with Firefox. Is there a plan for an update to become compatible? Also when I use safe money with IE 11, after entering my banking password if I elect not to save it in the password database I cannot log into my banking account. If I use Firefox, it Safe Money works fine.
  13. I have tried to use sync twice both times I get a "sync failed" status. My internet connection and Pure3 installations work perfectly. At one point the password manager became completely useless until I copied The .spdb file from one of my computers that still worked with PM and replaced the existing one on the non working machine. Since then all works fine until I try to sync. A dialog box confirms that my passwords will sync on all my computers with a green check mark, but the status continues to be "sync failed" I would at least like the option of being able to manage my own sync using an import/export function as Kaspersky had before. Perhaps I don't like my passwords stored in the brown cloud..
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