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  1. Hi, When I turned on one of my machine, It was showing me the attached screen. Some dumps files were generated, you can find them as "Laptop KES 10 dumps.zip" in ftp://data8.kaspersky-labs.com. Account Name: Yasir_Shehzad Thank You!
  2. Hi, Some events are registered on the Kaspersky Security Center "Update & retranslation task: one of subtasks failed". See the attached events and Screenshots. Thanks !! kaspersky_events.zip
  3. Hi, Issues still persists. Showing Wrong Status of the machine. Thank You !!
  4. Hi, Issue still there, see the attached screenshot. Thank You !!!
  5. Hi, Now in new version, showing "information not available". Will wait for some time to check if issue still persists. Thanks!!
  6. Hi, After installation of KES10 on client machine and after completing update task, the below event was registered as a warning in the events. "Update & retranslation task: some components have not been updated". Is it normal/expected behavior? Thanks !!
  7. Hi, Yes that is correct. After updating databases still it showing different timings for the updates. Thank You !
  8. Hi, Here is the Incident Number: INC000003643903 , do you want trace files here on the forum? Thanks !
  9. Which traces you need? just for info, The problem is same in SP1 too. Thank you.
  10. Hi, I have installed Patch C, but still facing the issue. see the attached screenshot and advise. Thanks !!
  11. Hi, I didn't get what you are saying, If you are asking about updates, yes the task is completed successfully..!!! Thanks!!
  12. Hi, There is some update time difference when I open KES10 interface-->Support and when I open klcsngtgui.exe from Network Agent installation folder. See the attached screenshot. Is this the expected behavior? Thanks !!
  13. Hi Evgeny, Can you please send the patch on INC000003640357. Thanks !!
  14. Hi, I tried 3 different packages and also on different fresh test server which I only installed for this purpose but on that server still the same issue. Thanks !!
  15. Hi, see the attached screenshot, you can find more details in my FTP account named Yasir_Shehzad. Thanks !!
  16. Hi, You can see the attached screenshot, after this error KSC10 SP1 was disconnected and I tried to connect many times but it was failing, all the services of KSC was stopped except network agent service. I restarted and then it start working. The error shows that the application is initializing or shutting down but no idea why the services was stopped all at once. If this error occur again I will try to collect the traces as till now its working fine. Thank You !
  17. Hi, I am trying to download the standalone installation from KSC using URL but it's not working, telnet is working on the port 8060 and 8061, I have installed KSC10 SP1 on another machine but same results and also it wasn't working on the server itself. I tried to download the same package on the server and it's failed. However it was working in the old version (KSC MR1) with default settings and we can easily download the package using URL on any machine. You can find the logs on the ftp data8 server with file name "sandalonePackagedownloadissue.zip". You can find the wireshark logs and screenshot of telnet and trying to download the package. My username for the ftp is: Yasir_Shehzad Thanks !!
  18. Hi, Please add same thing with "Users of infected computers report". As Its not showing Account Name. Thanks!!
  19. Hi, It occurs only few times yesterday, if I could reproduce it then I would have enabled tracing files before. It didn't came again. I can send you the events from the machine and after some it was showing another error after the time of this event, I will post it tomorrow here on this post which is related to server crash. Thank You !
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