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  1. Hello Evgeny, no the reinstall of the mobile device support did not recreate the Certificate. Even deleting the Cert C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1093\cert\klsrvmob.cer just recreated the same one. The ports are open internally it works fine however our mobiles are not configured to be connected to the internal network. Thanks Regards Chris
  2. Hello Evgeny, I realize that however all of my software Providers that require a external connection of some Kind give guidelines as to the setup of the port forwarding rules. And in the documentation and Marketing information state the requirement. However I could have found the reason that the DNAT rule was not allowing the device to connect in the setup of the MDM server I used the default server name in the install which created a certificate for the internal server name. This could possibly be why the device is not connecting using the external ip. http://support.kaspersky.com/9793 shows this also a internal server name SC10-server.kav4isa.local reinstalling through the control panel did not bring me to the shown configuration menu it went through without any possibility of configuration. Any ideas. Thanks Regards Chris
  3. Hello Ivan, My KAS Administration server does not have a external static IP address I was attempting to connect to it through the firewall with a dnat rule. The devices connect to the KAS Server internally without a problem and I do see them and can manage them in KAS when they are connected internally. In the KAS Server the ports are open. I did not find any mention of putting the KAS server directly on the external no firewall net in any of the docs From Kaspersky. Thanks for the Response Regards Chris
  4. Hallo All, New to the forum and new to Kasperski so please forgive if this has been discussed before. I have installed A new KAS server and have deployed the clients to the internal windows machines and have not had any problems yet, however the mobile device management part does not seem to work as I understood in the manuals and other pre sales info, and support either does not understand or does not have time to deal with it. The Mobile connect Exchange Part is set up on the Exchange server (2007) and active sync works without a problem. On a internal wireless network the sync and install to the Android device works without a problem. Now this is where the problem starts the android Smartphones will spend their lives connected only though Active sync to the Exchange server How do i get them to connect to the KAS server from external? I have attempted a few firewall rules with no luck however my understanding is that all commmunication will be tunneled through the ActiveSync connection. Thanks in advance regards Chris
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