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  1. Restart PC. Press F-8 key repeat several times as PC is begining to restart. Use up/down arrow keys to select "safe mode", Enter. Or: Start-Run-Type msconfig ok- Boot tab-check Safe Boot. Return to this and uncheck as needed.
  2. Short of taking Kaspersky off your PC and short of disabling protection or disabling Web A-V or disabling Scan HTTP Traffic, try unchecking monitor Port 80, acknowledging that this is not a long-term solution, but an attempt to narrow down what the problem could be.
  3. Settings-Scan-select my computer-Run mode (check box)-Change. A very detailed schedule box pops up. Click the drop-down just below "Frequency"and select (e.g.) "weekly."
  4. Welcome. See:http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=36390 You may choose to not use Proactive Defence if you wish. If you are new to it, you may want to read up on it first and then enable it. You will get notices about normal appearing processes such as the ones you noted. Edit: Link, richbuff, please make the links active/clickable.
  5. Welcome. Short answer: Yes. Medium answer: If you do a scan with rootkit and hueristic enabled, and iSwift and iChecker are not enabled, the overall scanning of the files should take longer. Longer answer: (but not the longest possible answer): iSwift technology is part of the picture even if it is not enabled in the Settings.
  6. Your p4 2.2, 1Gig ram is fine for higher security settings. I don't remember alot about V 6. That was a long time ago!
  7. You can disable File Anti-Virus, if you would like, in Settings but it is an important component of the overall protection picture.
  8. 1.Default settings are the best for starters. Adjustment for higher speed or higher security can be made in accordance with your personal needs. 2. Some have, and some have had issues. 3. Scan should not take longer, with same scan settings.
  9. Please see:http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=45302 Post there and maybe Igor can help you.
  10. I use KIS and it suits my personal purposes very well. Where I live, there are too many nefarious criminals who have too many rights and not enough law enforcement. When I think of the possibility of Technology helping to reduce crime, I feel happy. How a person thinks and feels about the topic that you brought up depends on personal point of view. I chose to not factor in Kaspersky's views on controversial issues when I decided that Kaspersky best suited my personal security needs. stthhbcy, richbuff.
  11. I would defrag and then 'wait and see' if a few reboots result in a more normative startup. If still not up to par, try the uninstall and removal tool (7 is for all builds). You can then, if you like, create a new restore point and run RegSupreme (with back-up protection option in RegSupreme).
  12. That would work, if installation CD is for your current KIS version.....which reminds me...... another option is to download and save the .125 build and removal tool from Important stickys, uninstall from Control Panel, run removal tool in safe mode, install .125. Post back. Install in default location, of course.
  13. "....suggest something." Try this: Uninstall Ad-Aware. Repair KIS from Control Panel. If no resolution, uninstall both, reinstall KIS first. Also, enable compatability mode is worthy of a try.
  14. Download and run it in G. Also, search this topic in this forum. It has come up a few times in the past few weeks.
  15. See: sticky topic: Important: Upgrading to version 7. Download the version 6 removal tool. Uninstall Version 6 as usual. Then run the Removal tool in safe mode. Then install Version 7 in the default C drive with Windows. Installations in non-default locations cause issues, including, but not limited to, difficult uninstallation. Try removal tool in same drive that version 6 is in.
  16. Version 7 points the way forward towards version 8 which will have a new engine.
  17. Why not edit it out now before he has to do it again? There must be a reason, or he wouldn't have. Why repost it if the Moderator removed it? If you were Moderator and someone reposted what you had to remove, how would you feel?
  18. I would contact Tech Support Helpdesk. "...390 days..." Looks like system date is/was one month off. Edit: syntax.
  19. Is your system date correct? Was system date correct when you installed KIS?
  20. Yes, as I have been informed. Edit: But I have not tried this in XP, I have done it in Vista. Your disk will be busy for a few minutes while it is restoring the Repository folder.
  21. 1) Better. 2) Uninstall all except for licence data. 3) You can but Mods who have lots of experience strongly recommend starting with new version as fresh and clean as possible. This will avoid problems that can occur. See Don's Important sticky topics.
  22. Just activate the trial with one of the three user keys if same program, version and build.
  23. If a licence is concretly and specificly labled as ok for three PC's, yes. If the licence doesn't have a concrete reference for three, then no. Depending on the country, on-line purchasers can order (and pay extra for) multi-year and/or multi user licences. Multi-user licenses do exist, but that doesn't make the single user licences into ones that can be used as multi's. Pricing and availability change rapidly over time and geography.Edit: Spelling.
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