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  1. I guess you set the reports to be deleted after 1 day in:

    Settings -> Additional -> Reports and Quarantine -> Store reports no longer than 1 day

    That "1 day" you should change to "1 week", "1 month" etc.

    Or you accidentally clicked on the button "Clear", which deletes ALL reports.

    Those are the only ways that can make your Reports to be deleted.



  2. Accessed the website with Kaspersky Internet Security v19.0.0.1088(d), Databases relese date: 14.02.2019 17:28, Kaspersky did NOT block the website, it worked without any problems.

    Next, checked the website with Kaspersky VirusDesk, and site was marked as SAFE.

    Finally, checked the website with VirusTotal, and NOT a single engine detected the site as unsafe to visit.

    Take a look at these Screentshots:





  3. Just checked, this has already been answered in other topic:

    Although, i have option "Detect other software that can be used by criminals to damage your computer or personal data" unchecked/cleared in my Settings, it stills BLOCKS the website from accessing, simple because this website is marked as ADWARE.

    Other option is to visit the site at your own risk by clicking "I understand the risks and wish to continue".



  4. 1 hour ago, dh27564 said:

    I am not seeing the same behavior.  Pausing for both 1-minute and 5-minutes still allows me to right-click the tray icon and access all features.  I can open the full application, perform a scan, update databases, launch the on-screen keyboard, etc.  Selecting Settings > Protection shows that File anti-virus, Web anti-virus, IM anti-virus, and Mail anti-virus are grayed out with a red warning message "Protection Paused".

    same for me, i can operate the aplication in that period of 1 or 5 minute(s) without any problems... i can also resume the protection in that period...

  5. In addition to what Berny indicates in the post above,


    Contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support via "My Kaspersky" account:


    Also, install Kaspersky Password Manager (for Windows) on your PC/laptop

    and from time to time you SHOULD create a backup copy, if you don't want to have any similar problems in the future:

    Open Kaspersky Password Manager (for Windows) -> Settings -> Import/Export -> Backup Copy -> Create Copy

  6. Attach the file here for analysis:


    Click on "Scan" and the results will appear after few seconds.

    Then, click on "I disagree with the scan results", enter your e-mail adress, click on "Send" and wait for Kaspersky Lab response.

    Depending on their response, you can further contact them via e-mail.

    Or you can send the file and contact them via "My Kaspersky" (account for those who have Kaspersky Lab product(s) installed on their machine(s)) account if you have one.

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