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  1. Thank you. >>if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck<< Good One! Yes it opens in other browsers too. I'll live with it.... but I might have found a solution to the pop in. I extended the Trip Advisor URL to a few more characters followed by the asterisk and keeping the heuristic ticked, I haven't been bothered with the pop-in. I haven't been able to replicate the white dot either, although I haven't spent a lot of time doing it. Interesting to note on the GSI - it listed 10 (Orange) files, mostly dll extensions listed in the Windows 32 file. When I examined each one and went to the folder only about two of the ten were actually shown. I have show hidden files set in Windows 10. Certainly the clauth1.dll and others are not shown. Strange hey? I wonder why my boxed purchased key from Version 14 wouldn't work with 16? I'm NOT too bothered as I had to fork out for other incompatible software and a few pounds on AV is well spent. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Thanks Turning off the notifications in KIS didn't work and I still got the sound. I was advised on a previous post to stop the sounds with Windows, which I did but I was still getting the pop-in from the right hand side. Unticking heuristics stops the pop-in but I'm concerned that I won't be fully protected. Any idea about the single white pixel and Anti Banner instance?
  3. I'm beginning to regret paying for and installing Kaspersky. I've had it installed on my computers for the last ten years. In November I bought a 3 PC licence and used one licence to continue the previous licence on my XP computer (Kaspersky 2012?) knowing that I'd be buying a new computer in December and could use one of the licences. I took possession of the new computer installed the latest Kaspersky and tried to use the licence key (2 of 3), Kaspersky didn't reject the key but gave a message (I've forgotten what it was) saying it couldn't be used and gave a link. I clicked the link and there was nothing connected with the problem. Thereafter if I tried to install the licence key it was rejected. So as I had it installed, I bought a licence through Kaspersky. I don't know if it's just me but the latest version is mind bending and at times exasperating. On my old version (2012) if I used Firefox to view holidays on the Thomson Holiday site I'd get a black screen with a small white pixel in the centre of the screen. I could overcome that by disabling Anti Banner, view the holidays and then switch the Banner back on. Now when I try to access the Thomson site, I get the black screen, I disable the Banner but that doesn't let me proceed and the only way I can view the holiday site is by pausing protection. At least with Windows Defender it will let me out but unfortunately Windows Defender doesn't kick in when Kaspersky is disabled only when it's uninstalled. Additionally, when I visit Trip Advisor website, each and every time I click on a topic I get the Phishing Warning with the accompanied sound. A helpful guy on the forum gave me a guide as how to remove the sound. I did that but I certainly don't want to have to make sound settings each and every time I want to visit Trip Advisor. I've been unable to to add exemptions in Web Anti Virus but I have discovered that if I un-tick heuristics in Web Anti Virus that stops the annoying sound and notification. So, is it dangerous to leave heuristics unticked? I really don't know if I will renew my licence in future, I might spend my hard earned money on something more interesting like lawn seed for the bare patches on my lawn!
  4. Thank you for that. I did what you suggested and selected No Sounds and that has stopped the beeping and I can listen to music without interruption. Success The tab/flag/quick pop-in from the right is KIS when I click on the tag it takes me to "Detailed Reports" all the Trip Advisor ones start with: https://t1tacdn.com/fp/HP?xxxxxxxxx many many many I tried making exceptions by entering: https://t1tacdn.com/* thinking that would grant exceptions but that doesn't work. Any ideas on that one?
  5. Hi, is there a way to make KIS silent? Each time I view a page on Trip Advisor etc, I get a notification tag shoot in from the right hand side stating there is a phishing attack, which I'm happy with (although I think it's a false positive) but it's accompanied by a series of beeps. It's really annoying. The only way I've found to make it silent is to lower the speaker volume to NIL but that isn't very friendly because I like to listen to classical music through my earphones whilst surfing. I've got the latest version installed and I'm using Windows 10.
  6. Each time I click on "Tools" and select Create Rescue Disk I get an error report "Kaspersky has encountered a problem........" Is this normal? I think I can work around it my downloading from the web. All the other tools seem to work correctly. Thanx
  7. Hi, I left my computer switched on for a few hours this morning. Later when I looked at it the Kaspersky Logo (KIS Internet Security 2012) in the bottom right corner (Windows XP) had changed colour from Red to Yellow. When I clicked on the icon it said something like: Activation invalid purchase now. I'm sure that my purchased copy is bone fide, so I re-entered my activation code. Kaspersky displayed a pop-up box (well it was actually a pop-under box) with a big tick and then displayed that I should re-install, which I did. On un-installing I was given two options, one to save bits and pieces the other a full un-install. I opted for the second. I then placed my disk in the computer and Kaspersky recognised that there is a later edition of 2012 and asked if I'd rather install that one, which I did. I then entered my existing activation code, which has been accepted, stating that there are 200 odd days left. Why would this happen, why would Kaspersky identify it as spurious then put me through an amount of anxiety only to accept that the key was valid in the first place? I'd welcome any replies. Thanx
  8. Thanx for your reply. I carried out the three available scans (Full, Critical and Vulnerability) and thus far I have NOT received a detection report. Thanx again for assisting me.
  9. Thanx for your help I hope this is what you want. The file was held in "Firefox Download" whereas the AVZ was held in My Documents. virusinfo_syscure.zip
  10. Every day or so Kaspersky places a file or files into Quarantine, each file is similar and originates from more or less the same location: C\System Volume Information\ restore{FD0339C5-325C- (series of numbers\A0060809.exe The report categories it as: UDS: DangerousObject.Multi.Generic Quarantined 10/09/2012 13:36:57 When I go to Kaspersky Report, click the offending extry and send it by email to Kaspersky for analysis the reply is always that there is “No malicious code was found in this file”. It’s happening with monotonous regularity. A few days ago I deleted the quarantined file, all restore points and created a new one in the hope that this would cure the problem. The next time KIS ran it identified A0000001.exe Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this and is there anything I can do about it. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...65afd174798c77d My first post - I hope I've done the get system info correctly? Thanx
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