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  1. dear kaspersky forum members... Hello. how do you do? I hope you all have a nic day i have a question regarding my KIS 2012 i've just checked my control panel, and this came up Is that normal? here is the image i saw. I manually turned off my windows firewall and turn on my KIS firewall yesterday. because somehow both were still turned on. However, as you can see on the Control PAnel, it's written that Windows Firewall State OFF and the X shield. What is the correct way of using KIS? it does comes with its own firewall isn't it? I've checked the KIS settings and i turn it on thank you very much for your attention and answer. have a nice day,
  2. Dear Moderators and fellow kaspersky users... im kungfupanda... from indonesia/japan... im using Kaspersky internet Security 2012, with win7 home premium I just clean install my laptop, and was trying to do a full scan of my computer and my external hdd (id like to see whether my external hdd have virus or not) windows defender is off. install kaspersky IS from the CD. Every time i do full scan or custom scan of my hdd, it always get stuck at some rar file and makes the RAM spike to max to the point that i have to restart my laptop to make the RAM normal again..... what should i do and if i may ask, i thought only KIS 2010 and before that had that problem, why KIS 2012 still have it? thank youu so much for the answer... here is my gsi http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...a54137415e05874
  3. hi anthykera, richbuff, and everyone, thank you so much for you guys reply... sorry it took me 6 days to get hack to you, internet connection here isnt that good for updating vista, and ive encountered a bit of a problem i've decided to do a clean reinstall to my laptop (since i just did it a week ago anw) after that i went straight to update my vista to SP 2 now, and no BSOD anymore yeay. however, svchost.exe is hogging my CPU now it takes around 200-300 mb, and makes my laptop slow... (which is the same case that happened a year ago, my laptop always decide to be super slow when i update to SP 2, even tho when i leave it at vista 6.0.0 its totally okay) ive updated all important and recommended vista update... what data should i attach here? and also, should i make a new thread? thank you
  4. Hi, thank you everyone for your reply... for the malwarebytes, I follow the exclusion instruction from malwarebytes forum "http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=105540&view=findpost&p=522440" (and I think I saw it on this forum too somewhere). um, as I mentioned above I just did a clean reset to factory settings on my laptop, one of the reason I did that was, my laptop is super super super slow when I installed SP 1, and super super slow when I installed SP 2 (a bit faster than SP 1, but still way slower than normal Vista.) Is there another way to solve the problem without having to install SP 2?
  5. hi, thank you everyone for the reply attached is the GSI log, (i hvnt figured out how to edit my first post) and this is the link http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...mp;key=ajSdQZr5 that GSI gave me... thank youuu edit: del quote tags. GetSystemInfo_KHAWARIZMI_PC_PERDANA_2012_02_12_14_56_05.zip
  6. Hi, my name is perdfa from indonesia, i just restore to factory settings my sony vaio sz48gn intel core duo 2 GB ram Vista 32 bit laptop. I have KIS 2012 installed. I have just experienced BSOD with klif.sys. any solutions...? thank you sooo much, so sorry and many thank you's this is the BSOD dump using blue screen viewer (the first three is marked pink by the blue screen viewer software) edit: del extremely lengthy posted log and attach same FOM thread scrollability.
  7. Hi, my name is perdfa from indonesia, i just bought kaspersky internet security 2012 license for 3 PC. i have a few question i'd like to ask... 1) The license is used on my laptop and my cousins laptop. The thing is that, right after inputting activation code, i put my own e-mail address, and my cousin also put his own e-mail address. In addition, I also registered my e-mail to https://my.kaspersky.com/en/. I dont know whether my cousin does this too or not since he doesnt live with me. 1 License is still being unused. Is it possible to put different e-mail address per pc when activating the license? 2) I just system reset my computer to factory settings, and then re-install kaspersky. Before system reset (11 Feb), my remaining days counter is 363 days remaining. But today,(right after I system restore and re-install Kaspersky), my remaining days counter becomes 365 days again (11 Feb), if I do system reset, is it bad? Can kaspersky be install and uninstall as long as it is in the same PC...? 3) Does unique activation code have unique license too...? Because when I installed KIS 2012, I did it from upgrading trial instead of from the CD that came with the box so sorry and many thank yous...
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