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  1. Yes that happened to me yesterday jan 11 2019 Today I uninstalled brave, cleaned out the registry etc. Paused KIS 2019 and installed latest version brave as administrator KIS does not complain at all now Yesterday it detected the brave setup exe in windows/temp and warned of suspect behaviour All sorted now
  2. Gday I have 300mb limit, i think we get extra 100mb free when we log in to my kaspersky or actually use the app for the first time? It was last year? cannot remember exactly , snoop around in the settings of the app etc , you may get the offer of the extra 100mb
  3. "Hi, cannot find Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 in AU." For many years us aussies have had to wait for the "Australian english" version of kaspersky products to be released Every new version since about version 5 or 6 many years ago I only speak Australian so i always wait ....
  4. Please read this support article and maybe try it:? Also how much free disk space is available? thank you
  5. Also, If you are talking about a company called "Globe insta " they are not listed in the Kaspersky list of genuine authorised dealers/partners or resellers for the country in which they appear to be situated.
  6. I have been in end user help for anti virus programs for 21 years and i can tell you that there is a 99% chance that the problem you are experiencing or concerned about is not directly caused by genuine kaspersky products. Kaspersky products supplied directly from kaspersky servers to the end user public have never been involved in "scams" e&oe
  7. Not sure if this will help, but read the thread below. it fixed my opera vpn problem This may be a long shot...and may not be your problem, but maybe worth a try?
  8. dh27564 This standalone cleaner mentioned above was given away free direct from a email from kaspersky to celebrate something[ cant remember what] in november 2016. I have the standalone file. I think the email may have been to my email listed in the forum. it is/was genuine offer at the time. It is standalone program currently installed on my win 10 with kis 17. cheers
  9. This is not normal The problem will be that if avast is actually installed on the computer, it will cause conflicts with kaspersky. You may have other conflicts as well. A good start would be to uninstall avast and make sure it is removed 100% A GSI report will help the experts here, see below... Please read this page:
  10. I am also in Australia and have had at least 2 updates today, although i always do updates manually.
  11. Whenever i buy a new key i make sure it is registered in my kaspersky account, it will be safe there and if i lose the receipt or card or box etc, i still have a good copy on kaspersky server. No need to prove its me........ etc staff can check my account.
  12. I have been using kaspersky since it was a grey DOS GUI around 1997/98 approx and this is the very first time i have seen this type of message. I updated on the spot and the message went away , probably a glitch easily solved on my pc. My license and remaining days is what it should be.
  13. Yes i am in Australia and at first boot this morning friday i got that identical message in internet security. I clicked to close the message and checked my license and it was perfectly normal, with expected time left. So i ignored it and did a manual update and no problems since. Might have been a glitch, but all gone now for me.
  14. From memory, i recently read that the very latest version of opera with the VPN built in does not have turbo mode working any more. Have you tried both normal mode and vpn mode? I think it may have something to do with the VPN that is now standard in private browsing? I also think turbo mode went through a special server at opera in previous versions. I think i read that on a tech magazine via email when the latest opera was announced. I am using version 40.0.2308.62 opera
  15. Gday from the indian ocean coast ... W.A The experts in here will ask you for a GSI report please read this page and supply a GSI report as mentioned there. https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=915 This is used by experts to see what is happening under the hood with regards to kaspersky and the computer. Well worth doing what the page states. cheers
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