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  1. Did you read the paragraph and click on the link at the end of that paragraph BELOW that video which is..... "Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) is a complex distributed infrastructure dedicated to processing cybersecurity-related data streams from millions of voluntary participants around the world. It delivers Kaspersky Lab’s security intelligence to every partner or customer who is connected to the Internet, ensuring the quickest reaction times, lowest false positive rate and maintaining the highest level of protection. A detailed description of KSN can be found here.
  2. Just to give a heads up, Vulnerability scan is STILL available in KIS It is accessed by going to lower right "Show Additional Tools" of the main interface, and it is located along with other "tools" .
  3. Here: http://usa.kaspersky.com/downloads/software-upgrades/ just click on appropriate Kaspersky product
  4. Hopefully, I am not hijacking this thread but I would like to respond with my observations here. Nothing is perfect, but Kaspersky Labs are ALWAYS trying to improve, and despite KIS 2014 being slow during patches "A", "B", and, "C" but still secure, very secure. Patch "D" seems to have eliminated the slowness. But what I do not understand why would a Gold Beta Tester Advanced Level 2 denigrate a product they are responsible for testing. I would, however, more focus on those that are testing in the Lab but applauding also those that "volunteer" their expertise here in these forums to attempt to help those needing assistance. :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:
  5. Hey, been with Kaspersky for awhile but according to your GSI, from my vantage point, you have Comodo Dragon installed. Please, uninstall "it" and any other "junk" browsers and/or anti-virus, trial or otherwise and then reboot, delete temp files, and then attempt to install Kaspersky again. Good luck, Cabo Parano. cheers, Ray
  6. If I may chime in, in addition to what rudger and richbuff have said. richbuff has also stated that it is helpful to keep the code in xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx format written down and saved ..........I keep mine on a sheet of paper as "previous", "current", and/or "upcoming new" in my file cabinet. By doing this, it has helped me more than twice and I even have a copy of the code in my wallet, just in case I need to go to the other two PC's that are in different locations than mine and re-enter the code to re-activate on their computers, if need be. You will thank yourself for doing such and excellent advice from "richbuff".
  7. BC, Maybe this explains a little more clearly "......"If the current user is logged on with administrative user rights, an attacker could take complete control of the affected system." To be successful, they added, "An attacker would have to convince a user to install and enable a vulnerable Gadget." So we all know how those with malicious intent will try to manipulate the PC user just as those twisted individuals are Spamming/Phishing, ect., with official "looking" Western Union, Fed Ex, USPS emails that are 100 % fictitious......same thing with providing Gadgets. Cheers Ray :-)
  8. Just to chime in here about "gadgets"........I had disabled gadgets when using KIS 2012 but when upgrading to KIS 2013 I noticed my mouse cursor would display a "hiccup" like a wait cursor such as what normally happens after clicking on a link. I checked Device Manager.....nothing unusual. But Task Manager showed a 1% every 3 to 4 seconds. By exiting KIS 2013 this wait cursor mimicking hiccup would disappear......and I tried this several times repeatedly, same thing every time. So I applied the "Enable Gadgets" (fix-it) at Microsoft and that wait cursor mimicking hiccup has completely gone away. So there must be "something" within KIS 2013's DNA coding that reacts this way. And just to make sure, I re-applied the "Disable Gadget" (fix-it) and the "hiccup" wait cursor would reappear. Now I am using the Gadgets (enabled) and the wait cursor has not shown at all since August 23, 2012 when allowing Gadgets. Perhaps a future build or more investigation of Gadgets being a viable vulnerability will address this more fully. Be safe. Ray :-)
  9. I would like to chime in, if I may. It has been awhile, like at least a year ago, that the Yahoo database was hacked into, and the way I found this out was that although I do NOT have a Yahoo account, I do (or did) have a family member whose email account sent out numerous emails from his account to other contacts in his Address Book....and even to his own self. I immediately told him to change his password and make it unique of which he did do, and there has NOT been a repeat since then. But I find it absurd that Yahoo did not contact it's members to disclose their database being compromised. So make sure that the password has been changed and perhaps ask others to do the same to stop it in it's tracks.
  10. In addition to excellent suggestions by Whizard, antikythera, and hoemee.... I found a "fix" for me by uninstalling my HP printer software and then re-downloading/re-installing only the "Basic" software for my HP printer instead of the "full" install on the HP website. Hope this will help others as well. Regards, Ray
  11. Hi, Jeb I'm not in Kaspersky Sales nor am I an Advanced Kaspersky and I am not a Kaspersky Moderator but I AM a very satisfied user of the Kaspersky product. I've used other security software over the years, but in my opinion Kaspersky is the very best and most thoroughin total protection. I do not understand the difficulty in contacting customer service via Chat or other venues of contact like an email ticket request. But it is almost impossible for any security team to diagnose an issue if that team has no information to describe that issue or problem. These support Forums are a great place to visit and usually any problem being experienced has been dealt with before and the solutions are given in detail, in my opinion. Jeb, you are entitled to cancel your subscription at any time but if you do that, my opinion is that you will only be directed to install a product inferior to Kaspersky. However, nothing is perfect because each of us has differing configurations to our own personal installed hardware and software on our computers. But sometimes it is a simple maintenance routine that has not been followed on a regular basis. There is a constant need to make sure all of our software is up-to-date and install the latest patches to those that are in need. I personally use Secunia PSI 2.0 and is available online for free download and install and will alert us if and when a new version or revision is available. Another step ignored is doing a Chkdsk done to correct glitches and some people I've helped in my family circle do NOT regularly reboot their computers or clean out their temp files often enough. In conclusion, jeb, I would ask you to hang in there with Kaspersky and have the members of Kapsersky's Team help you to a successful elimination of the problems or issues that you are experiencing. Jeb, hopefully from hearing from a fellow Kaspersky user, you will stay on board with Kaspersky. And again, I do not receive endorsements from Kaspersky but I am a very satisfied Kaspersky customer. Hope I've helped here....if even in a small way. Ray :-)
  12. Just to chime in here with a possible viable reason for the hour difference.....it could be due to going to Daylight Savings Time on March 11, 2012 creating a one hour change. Just a thought and hope I have not hijacked or violated posting rules in these Forums.
  13. I also purchased a 3 PC license back in August of 2011 and my KIS 2012 shows expiration date is August 24, 2012 but that my subscription has expired. This happened last Friday night just after midnight going into Saturday morning.....and wouldn't you know it, Live Chat tech support had just left for the Holidays. This false/errored expired subscription happened exactly at the same time on a Windows 7 SP1 PC and a Windows XP SP3 PC and despite following all steps to correct it on both PC's, we opted to using another free firewall and another free antivirus/spyware software. More than likely tech support Live Chat will not be available maybe until December 27th, since Dec. 26 may be considered yet still a Holiday. But we will be out of town until at least thursday the 29th. But I'm sure there is a simple explanation for this for I am a loyal Kaspersky user, and my wife and I, will not want to keep our "free" security software. Here is hoping all of those users that are affected by this will NOT jump ship, because in my opinion........Kaspersky is "THE" best! Hang in there folks, please. No........I'm not Mr. Kaspersky! LOL ---Ray
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