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  1. Hi Indio, Here are a few screenshots In case your wondering why the KAV icon in taskbar is green, it's because KAV was doing it's rootkit scan I think the messages are real, i mean i don't think they're some scam or anything, but i'm not sure. The first screenshot was under "News" tab i think in KAV notification center, and when i clicked "Read" it took me to the notification in 2nd screenshot and when i clicked the "Your opinion is important to us" took me to the 3rd screenshot. Also the time in the clock in taskbar is not all screwed up because i did not took the screenshots one after the other, needed to save them again and took a while.
  2. Hi, So i made this topic because KAV just sent me the following message in notification center : "No unread news" >> "Read" and the following notification "Your opinion is important to us - Please take a moment to review your puchase" and takes me to another window and wants me to write a review with a red button "START NOW". I didn't purchase anything, the only thing i did purchase was the commercial license, but that was a few months ago and has not expired yet. What's up with this message ? Is this legit message from kaspersky ?
  3. Also i didn't even knew version 2019 was released, i just heard about it these days.
  4. Yes, i know that, but i'm not that worried about it honestly. Hell i stayed even more than 6 months with databases out of date just because i didn't have enough money at the time to get a new license and nothing happened. Databases are updated daily yes, but i honestly am curious as to how big the differences are on detecting malware between 2-3 months or even 6. In over 10 years i've been using KAV i've only had to reinstall my OS (yes from malware) only about 3 times and i was NOT using always the LATEST version of KAV. That should say something about how much database updates actually matter in such a short time (like 6 months or so). Also, i checked, just out of curiosity on the life cycle of kaspersky products earlier, and right now they say versions 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 are still supported (they're marked all with a green dot). You can google it if you want and you can find the life cycle for kaspersky's products. Don't get me wrong i'm not trying to start a fight or anything, i like using KAV as much as everyone else but i just don't see it ESSENTIAL to install a new version EVERY YEAR just because a new version is released EVERY YEAR.
  5. Oh i regard security. What i don't regard is stupidity. I find it very stupid we have to upgrade each year from one version to another just because kaspersky releases new versions every year. I've been using KAV since 2006 and i only upgraded versions maybe about 5 times. I saw absolutely no difference (in my case at least i don't know about others) except UI changed every year and at some point they aded gamer profile if i remember correctly. People shouldn't be forced to upgrade just because a new version comes out every year.
  6. alex5723 i did not ask that... I was asking IF I DO NOT WANT TO INSTALL version 2019 can i still use version 2015 and will version 2015 function properly without any problems until i want to upgrade myself ? Why doesn't anyone answer this question already... i'm not the only one who would like an answer to this.
  7. Whizard thanks for replying, but my question was if some of us do not want to install version and 2019 and continue with whichever version we have, will the version we have installed (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 etc) still function as it should ? Or will it the version we have installed stop functioning as it should begining with some random calendar date like 1st august or 1st september etc. ? What i'm asking is can we still use the version we have and will it still function as it should ? Sorry for so many questions.
  8. That's what i keep asking ! Will someone please give us an answer already ?? Are we obligated to install version 2019 ?? Some people do not wish to do this. If we do not want to upgrade can we still use our current versions of KAV or KIS with them functioning properly and as they should ? We can upgrade at a later time.
  9. The reason i was asking is because i'm still using KAV 2015. And yes i know it's an older version etc., but i'm perfectly happy with it so far. Also i'd rather avoid upgrading now to whatever is the latest version 2018, 2019 or whichever one it is because i still have my remaining license active, i'd just rather upgrade when i purchase a new license. In over 10 years i've been using KAV i've only actually had to reinstall OS only 2-3 times and newer versions didn't always bring major changes. Is anything actually radically changed in version 2019 ? So that's why i was asking, If i DON'T upgrade now can i still use KAV 2015 ? I mean will KAV 2015 still function as it should ? From my experience the phrase " If it's not broken don't fix it " always seems to work better in most situations.
  10. I'm still using KAV 2015 for a few years now and have had no problems with it, that's why i thought i wait a few versions before upgrading. Is there any problem if i don't upgrade ? Will the application in this case KAV 2015 stop function as it should ? I'd rather wait for my current license to expire and upgrade when i buy the next license that's why i'm asking.
  11. Hi, So for the past 2 days kaspersky keeps giving me a message about some GDPR info, can't remember exactly what it was about but i read a bit on the web i think. My question is will i be obligated to install some 3rd party software besides kaspersky antivirus which im currently using ? So i guess what i'm asking is will i be obligated to install some 3rd party software or agree to some new terms of use in order to keep using KAV just as i have been for more than 10 years ? Or was that pop-up just a notification from KAV about the GDPR thing ?
  12. I have returned with an update in case anybody else was having this issue. About 1 month ago i started this topic, because i was unsure wether or not the license i bought would be compatible with KAV 2015. Well, i've returned with an update and i am happy to say YES ! Yes, it was compatible with KAV 2015. I wanted to share this info in the hope that it might help others who are having this same issue. ONE IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFO... the license i bought was from retail store where i live. I'm not sure for which version it was because it didn't say on the box, and the staff at the store said that it was compatible with kaspersky antivirus, they didn't say which version, because they also did not know when i asked them. I do not know if this is also the case if you buy the license directly online from the kaspersky store. Anyway, i wanted to share this because it might help other users also who are having this issue. I mean help, because in my case it actually did. It saved me all the trouble of having to 1. Uninstall KAV 2015 2. Downloading and installing newer version of KAV which means having to "remake" your settings in antivirus (if you have any personal settings like for gaming setting or proactive defense) 3. The "first update"... i say "first update" because anybody who ever used KAV knows that 1st time you install it, KAV always takes about 1 hour or maybe more to download the "first update" because it's downloading all updates from scratch 4. Probably the most important thing... saved a lot of time I don't know about other users, but for me always when i installed newer versions of KAV took me about 1-2 hours, because of points 1, 2 and 3 above. When i need to take care of something for work, wasting 1-2 hours can be pretty important sometimes. I know this is probably most minor of things i just mentioned, but it's important for me. Anyway just wanted to share this with anyone else having this dillema.
  13. dh27564, yes i will try to apply it on 2015 to see if it works. My question was if it fails on 2015 and doesn't work can i still use the license for versions 2017 or 2018 ? I mean will the license still be valid even if doesn't work on 2015 ?
  14. Sorry Berny, i think you misunderstood. The current license i have has about 30 days left. That license is a 2016 version. But the one i bought recently, it doesn't say for what version it is, it doesn't say any version on the box, just says for kaspersky anti-virus. The store staff said it works with KAV, but they did not say for which versions. So i don't know if the license i bought will work with 2015. If i try to activate it on 2015 and fails, can i still be able to activate it for 2018 ? Will it still be valid ?
  15. Thanks for replying Indio. But my confussion was if i can still use the license i bought on version 2015 ? Also if i try to activate license i bought on version 2015 and it fails, can i still activate it on version 2018 ? I mean is the license still valid ?
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