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  1. don't get these comments ref Windows 8.1 I'm running KIS 2013 on Windows 8.1 with no issues whatsoever
  2. Rich - your link seems to go to 2013 download not 2012 I'm also looking for 2012 download please as also suffering from BSODs
  3. oops - update - that link in the link provided above - only goes to the 2013 product update page I see no mention of 2012 ?
  4. great stuff - thanks I hadn't seen that post although I had performed a search I do admit I "updated" rather than uninstalled and re-installed 2013. My PC has not had a BSOD for several weeks +, and those were only as I pushed my overclock too high as I was searching for my max overclocks - and always had the same BSOD codes. Since installed KIS2013 2 days ago I've had about 5 blue screens - seems too much of a coincidence. 2012 was rock solid stable for me - so going back to that for now
  5. I'm having some random BSODs, as well as occasional long delays in starting KIS 2013 - and want to go back to 2012 - to check its not my PC thats become unstable (I don't think it is) could someone point me to download of last KIS 2012 software please ? Its not under downloads (2013 only) and under "legacy" products, only downloads for 2009-2011 I have the original CD - but the core version of the software on there is out-of date many thanks, Buckster
  6. brilliant - the answer I wanted - thanks very much for taking the time to reply just using 2012 for first time currently and its nice to be back
  7. Bought Kaspersky 2012 - 3 user licence for my main PC, HTPC and a "spare licence" I'm upgrading my PC in a month or two months time - to go sandbridge, new mobo, ram and cpu To my shock (I've bought 2011, 2010 in the past) all activations have to be within 30 days ? so does that mean that if I change my PC components I have to re-buy Kaspersky ? what was wrong with previous method that you could activate at any time - but 1 year timer starts from point of first activation ? <EDIT> I've just re-read wording - it seems I read the activation card wrong - it just says the 3 PCs have to be activated within 30days to get the full 1 year ... - thats fine - thats what I'd expect so just to confirm if I was to install the 3rd licence @ month 3 - I'd get 9 months licence - which is fine and what I'd expect
  8. had no issues with 2010 but now with 2011, every time my PC goes into S3 Sleep, on re-wake, all network connectivity has gone setup is Windows 7 64 bit PC - Router - Cable Modem after coming out of sleep the PC can't even see the Router ... disabling the network adapter and re-enabling normally gets the PC seeing both Router and the Outside world, but its not a solution obviously any ideas please other than rolling back to 2010 ? cheers, Buckster
  9. Wonder if anyone could help please. Used all varients of 2010 - without issue - upgraded to 2011 - and instantly lost all network connectivity - couldn't even access the router. Setup is as follows, Windows 7 64 bit, Asus mobo with 2x Network ports, 1 network port is connected to my router (which is in another room via a 30m network cable), 2nd network port on my PC connected to 360. So that 360 can connect to the internet without its own dedicated network cable to the router, I've bridged the 2 together within windows 7. All was fine in 2010 ..... So ... 1: uninstalled 2011, rebooted, all fine again, reinstalled 2011, rebooted all network connectivity lost again 2: disabled bridge - and now works fine (this is with 2011 running and installed) whats with the bridge that Kaspersky 2011 doesn't like but 2010 does ? I tried removing the bridge, 3: re-enabled bridge and as soon as it was re-enabled, Kaspersky blocked all traffic thanks for any help
  10. I occasionaly get Windows security centre messages say no firewall or malware protection yet Kaspersky IS running as if you right click and go to block - it blocks everything well its not running fully ! For instance, if I delete any reference to Firefox in firewall settings, training mode on, sure enough Firefox can freely access the internet so to my horror - Kaspersky ISN'T actually fully running any ideas please ? thanks, Mark.
  11. all great to hear - thanks for the replies guys. will continue with the 30 day trial - till official release. have to say I think v7 is great - really really noticeable performance increase. cheers, Mark.
  12. I'm trying 119 version and finding it much quicker than KIS6 - even though my PC is high-end - which is impressive. but - runninng in trial mode at the moment as when I try entering my licence key it says that its not valid for this application ? When I registered Kaspersky key - I can't remember the exact title of the type of key - but it had comm in it somewhere. any ideas please ? well bugged if I can't upgrade. cheers, Mark.
  13. A few of us had issues last Firefox update where Kaspersky would ask every time you access any web-page for access and multiple times, selecting "any activity" allowed does not work. fix was to uninstall Kaspersky and Firefox and re-install. now a new update has come out Firefox and same problem again please tell me the fix isn't to re-install everything again will be pain if this happens every time ? Is it a firefox issue or Kaspersky ? thanks, Mark.
  14. much as I like Kaspersky - these small problems seem to keep coming ? performance etc, now firefox ? are these problems caused by the 3rd party software's - like Firefox for instance - or Kaspersky software ? Mark.
  15. I get the same problem too (since upgrading Firefox to latest) running .614 KIS. mine is a bit wierder though - on fresh reboot all is fine. but if I leave PC on over-night (and its done this twice) - when I try and use firefox every single time it asks for permission for inputs/outputs to external sites, even though firefox "allow all" is set ? no Firefox extensions at all installed. Mark.
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