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  1. For the detection of virus it's ok but for the hidden file it can not be show. we have to do manually to show hidden files. https://www.sosvirus.net/en/download/usbfix/ but the given tools can be fixed the problem. Thank you
  2. Sorry i did not try it. But it's before i have used the usb fix tool and it work. Thank You
  3. Dear Sir, Here is the virus sample file of *.vbs which infect computers with shortcut virus for removable drive. And now Kaspersky can detect the virus but not able to attrib/ show the hidden file which was caused by this type of virus. SOS virus usb fix tool can solve the issue here is the download link of this tool and here is the attachment of the virus sample with password is virus https://www.sosvirus.net/en/download/usbfix/ But the virus was detected by Kaspersky but not able to show hidden files or not able to fix usb. Thank You Regards, Anil Chaudhary 1r2nv2.rar
  4. Hello Team, Any update about this incident Thank you
  5. Here is the link of dump file along with full gsi report. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zdgRw9lr6aBU1_ZKr6-g_lXjyXIM3NGy Thank you
  6. Dear Team, We have upgraded Kaspersky security center to latest version SP3 and it's working, but now while closing after check the KSC below is the error message. And now for the second time while we open the kaspersky security center below error message arise for every-time. We have deleted the dump file from the given location but problem has not been resolve. Please help us to solve this issue ASAP. Thank You, Regards Anil Chaudhary
  7. Hello, SQL is not showing in another computer even we start SQL server browser..... Please provide us the installation setup step by step if you have available. Thank You, Regards, Anil Chaudhary
  8. Dear Team, We are testing the installation of KSC 10 and SQL separately in 2 different PC's. SQL installation successfully in one pc and configure SQL browser with service start. And KSC installation start in another PC by custom setup and show the SQL of another PC but there was error arise could not connect to database error. Is it possible to connect the SQL in KSC from another PC??? Thank You Regards Anil Chaudhary Product: Kaspersky Security Center 10 Version: 10.4.343 Operating system: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  9. Dear Support Team, I have attached one sample picture of email, while checking the mail all email are encrypted as sample on attachment. Please provide me what should I do for this and what types of log needed to solve the issue. Thank You
  10. Dear All, This problem has been resolved by following this below links: https://support.kaspersky.com/11684 Thank You
  11. Hello, Even we try to install the latest version but error arise same as attachment. And the previous we install 9.3.54 version also and its working but while having spam issue much more then we try to upgrade in latest version but can not upgrade. Thank You Anil Chaudhary
  12. Dear Support Team, We are having spam issue from last 1 months with the limited support cycle version, so we decided to upgrade to latest version of KSE. We have 2 CAS system( Mail-CAS-PRI and mail CAS sec). 5th Dec 2017 with the help of Kaspersky Lab India we have upgraded to latest version of KSE in mail-CAS-SEC and but today 6th Dec 2017 while trying to upgrade in Mail- CAS-SEC server we are not able to upgrade. Here is the link of attachment of error log with GSI and KS info log collector with screenshot. https://www.dropbox.com/s/84fi799hryywem2/GIBL Antispam Error.rar?dl=0 Thank You Regards Anil Chaudhary
  13. yes the version is 2018 and we tried the business edition KESB also and problem is still same. Thank You.
  14. Sorry to inform you that for now computer is not available here because customer send the PC to their branch office. It's before I have escalate the same issue and get the reply with try to install 2018 version of Kaspersky but problem did not solve. If you genuine PC then boot in UEFI boot with enable secure boot you can found the problem after Kaspersky installation. Thank You
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