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  1. Yeah Ballistic have got all my financials in there (as per video) its just when one hits on a site that wants card details that I have a problem with. I have entered the bank/ card details in that online banking area but it doesn't seem to have a link ability when one hits pay by card so I don't. Anyway I think perhaps your suggestion of safe running any potential buying site eg Kaspersky when paying your renewal and when it asks for a card link in Paypal. and the keyboard option may be an idea to try. I always run Ebay for instance in online banking although I still don't like using the card even there. Not to worry it was just a thought I tend not to buy much stuff with it as it is - just that it is quicker than Paypal
  2. In Web AV > settings > online banking >Enable control - I add my banking confidential sites and they work perfectly. I pay for stuff by Paypal from time to time and it often wants a card link which I am very loathe to do plus the only method of payment is by card which then means I cannot / will not buy that product. Now I know the web address of the card and have added it to the on line banking settings but will KIS pick that up when / if I select pay by card? Would an alternative be to buy in a safe run?
  3. Hiyya dthomas Look mate I am no expert but did you remove - thoroughly the Norton before you installed KIS? If not I know they do not get on well together at all. You might have to go back uninstall KIS > get rid of the Norton using the Norton removal tool (https://www-secure.symantec.com/norton-support/jsp/help-solutions.jsp?docid=kb20100423023225EN_EndUserProfile_en_us&lg=english&ct=asia+pacific&product=home&version=1&pvid=f-home&entsrc=redirect_pubweb) > run the KAV removal tool (http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208279463) > reinstall the KIS. (Revouninstaller is also good at getting rid of reg entries as a thorough clear out for the Norton). Bit of a damn nuisance I know but this may be one solution for you. Personally I would uninstall the Norton with Revo if you can first - it is long winded especially with the reg entries but is complete. :bt:
  4. Hello rudge yeah mate have those settings as per the instruction video from when I put KIS on each machine. I have attached some pics from the laptop that will show you what I mean. The other forum that has these green K's has now crashed on me with what is called a terracotta screen of death??
  5. Probably a very dumb query but on my laptop on some sites I get a small green "K" against the different sections of the site. For example a local forum I go on the different areas are marked this way but not on the desktops. I realise it's probably something I done in the config although I had thought I had config'd them all the same.
  6. Look I am not complaining far from it but I see quite a few people saying they have intercepted malware yet I only have two vulnerabilities. I am sure there must be some come through but I never get to see what KIS is stopping. Or am I just being a tad over suspicious?? I am now trialling Linux Mint - does KIS 12 cover whatever I do in that too?? By the by the new 12 is just a piece of art - such an improvement on what was already good. :bravo:
  7. Yes rich a reinstall fixed it and no it hasn't returned. But am still curious as to why the other machines (2) that were booted at the same time didn't have this happen? As they are all set up (configured) and have within reason the same programs as the machine that was affected. This wouldn't be an issue with IE9 on that machine although the others have it as well - maybe a glitch with my router?
  8. Rich I have had a look at the tops of the lists and the only ref I can find is to "blacklisting" which was mentioned in one of the pics I sent. I don't have any idea what that is all about - I have tried to find and answer - sorry I am just not that savvy enough. I am just curious because all three of my machines are set up the same way and it was only Desk 1 that came up with those red warnings when I booted them all that day. Would it be just a glitch in the system or something that I did?
  9. Ok antikythera I have reset it yet again just now and written it down and am trying what you said about not getting IE to save it. Might even try on one of the other machines see what happens.
  10. Now this is going to sound ridiculous but I have great difficulty with my login password to the forum. I find that each machine tends not to use the same password and I am forever requesting a pw renewal. Does one have to have a different pw for each machine (have 3)?? I have now changed it to one I made up on Desk 1 is this going to work if I go through the laptop and Desk 2 machines now??
  11. sory late reply - yes rich but it just flicked straight to the corner message re unprocessed objects, and with the red gadget still showing. I rebooted at the suggestion of the local Kaspersky support centre in Melbourne - no change. So also at their suggestion have uninstalled and reinstalled and everything is back to normal.
  12. I turned on this afternoon and got a message that said something along the lines that there were black list licence issues. This all happened very quickly I am now left with just a a RED gadget. I have tried a reboot but still remains the same. Can someone tell me what is going on the other machine are working perfectly.
  13. Hello rich yes mate I did get the letters - the correct version only I did not reboot before I updated and config's the settings and I found the letters there, on checking the version. I am sure I have done something wrong but all is well. Oh and yes rudge I do worry too much - I work as health professional and am trained to observe closely and document. When I found the difference I went straight into suspicion mode as one does at work - after 40 years of that mate one just cannot break the habit of a lifetime. On it doing it for the second time I went into code RED and thereby my quandary after the second attempt / install. But thanks for your kind words I'll just have to stay away from code RED zones won't I?? - might be a bit of a worry at work but....
  14. I have had some rather unfortunate problems with two computers (hard drives) that have required a complete reinstall/s of my KIS 2011. Now I have the (b.c.e.f) version which has been explained to me on a local forum is the current one as before I had the (b.c.d.e.f) version and still have on the third machine - the (d) being dropped because of some Fire Fox issue. I have started thus because I thought something was wrong when I wasn't getting the (d) in the version hence the THREE re-installs. However I had to dispute that on downloading the application when I got to the window where one can activate it as a commercial , trial - etc install I chose the commercial one inserted my code and checked the version in support and it was (b.c.e.f) whereas I am being told that it should be only . Now is it possible that because I activated it by inserting the activation code I got the (b.c.e.f) version and not the that I as I said I should have had. I know this is only a minor point but I am being informed that I have been doing something untoward when re-installing, and as I am not very computer savvy at all I cannot dispute what is being related to me - namely that I did something out of the ordinary to get this result. The fact that I am being told that I did not get that result on installing and before I rebooted to get the (b.c.e.f) after the third install yesterday on two machines has me beginning to doubt my sanity or ability to get it right. So can someone please tell me if I am wrong or what results I got were wrong through something that I have done, remembering this happened on two separate machines. Perhaps I am wrong and I will stand to be corrected but I cannot accept that I saw what I did - for most of yesterday.
  15. Hello rich I did run Sanboxie - paid version quite some time ago - I mean about ten months and then it caused more problems with my KIS than it was worth so removed it. What I am curious about is - is how is it different to "Safe Run" in KIS? - just curious.
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