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  1. OK , I think maybe I understood what happens , I think that the problem ( when KIS doesn't ask anymore to allow or not application to connect to the Internet) occurs when it ask to leave Windows explorer to connect Internet. If I say Yes , then all the applications inherit that rule and will be allowed to do whatever they want on Internet. It is only my opinion , but as soon as I delete the "allow" rule for windows explorer KIS ask again what I need...
  2. I think I understand a bit more what's going on , but I'm not sure it's the way it is supposed to work. For exemple , I install Spyware Blaster , it goes automatically in "low restriction" group ( which is on "always prompt" for network connection , it can connect on Internet and download its definition database without any warning. Its setting is like this: Then I close Spyware Blaster , and I manually set the "always prompt " in the application setting (the orange color is then more orange) And now if I start Spyware Blaster I get a prompt to ask me if I allow it or not to connect the Internet. Does that mean each time I install a new application I have to manually do that ? Thanks
  3. I don't understand how this works... I've tried a couple of tests this morning , and sometimes I get a prompt , sometimes not. I've installed emule , and got a prompt asking to connect or not. Then I tried superantispyware , and it could check and install its spyware definition without any worry , no prompt at all. And this despite the fact I chose Prompt for action for everything (trusted , untrusted )
  4. I'm sorry to bother you again , but it's like what worked yesterday doesn't work anymore today , this morning I 've installed windows 10 manager , and it could check for upfates without any prompt , despite the fact that I asked kaspersky to ask me to choose if it can connect or not So I've installed bitcomet just to see , and again the firewall allows it to go out (altought yesterday it did prompt me for another torrent client , and I didn't change anything!) Any idea? Thanks
  5. Hi , thanks for your help. It seems that I didn't really understand what you said , it seems like either I receive like 50 prompts asking me if I want an application to reach the Internet , or I receive nothing at all. I did what you suggested (Network Rules -> colum Action -> Set to Prompt for action) but it doesn't work all the time. In application control , do I have to uncheck "trust signed applications " and "load rules from KSN"? I asked to "prompt for action" for both trusted and untrested application , but for exemple if I launch VLC to check for updates it does it without asking me anything , altought there is the ? in the network rules. Before Kaspersky I used Eset Smart Security , and there were an "interactive mode" in firewall , only asking me the first time an application wanted to connect to say Yes/No. I don't find the way to do exactly that in KIS , or maybe I do something wrong...?
  6. Hello , I'm not sure how to set up my KIS 2016 , what I want to do is to get only one question by Kaspersky each time I launch a new application "do you want it to connect the internet ? Yes/No) So I unchecked the option to do everything automatically , and told kaspersky to "confirm action" each time an appllication asks to connect the Internet. At the beginning it worked as expected , I had a notification each time a program called home , but this morning I installed Spotify , and surprise it connected without asking me anything. Then I installed a torrent client to see what happens , and again it could connect and download , still no question..... So I tried the firewall leaktest app , and bam "firewall penetrated" , still no notification , like the firewall is not there anymore. Could you help to configure KIS so I can reach my goal ?( one notification asking me to create a rule the first time I launch an application) Thanks
  7. Merci , en effet c'est bien réglé comme sur ta capture d'écran. J'ai l'impression que la majorité des demandes de KIS vient du module "contrôle des applications" , style "telle appli veut accéder a telle ressource pour se connecter" ou ce genre de choses. Ce module Contrôle des applications est plus ou moins un HIPS si je ne me trompe pas? Ca pose un problème si je le désactive purement et simplement? Sachant que mon seul souhait est la protection antivirus et le firewall avec l'unique question "voulez vous que cette appli sorte ? oui/non")?
  8. Bonjour, J'ai une question pour la config de KIS 2016 , je n'arrive pas a atteindre ce que je veux avec les réglages , et j'ai l'impression qu'on peut tripoter a tous les réglages qu'on veut du moment qu'on décoche " exécuter automatiquement les actions recommandées" on est bombardé de demandes d'autoriser ceci sur tel port , la même chose sur un autre port etc etc. En fait je voudrais arriver a un résultat : Je voudrais que Kaspersky me demande une fois ( et bien une seule fois , cad la première fois que j’exécute une application) si j'accepte ou non que cette appli se connecte a Internet. C'est tout. Pas 30000 demandes de zones , de protocoles ou de ports. Est il seulement possible d'arriver a ce résultat? Par avance merci!
  9. Non , pour la première fois depuis longtemps cette version 2015 est très fiable dès la sortie , en tout cas aucun soucis pour ma part :cb_punk:
  10. Il sera compatible avec Firefox 27 , a peu près quand Firefox 28 sera dispo
  11. Configurer le firewall de KIS 2014? Bon courage...laisse tout en automatique toiut de suite ça vaut mieux...
  12. Bien sur , je sais ce qu'est un OS , ce que je veux dire c'est Kaspersky n'est jamais dans les temps pour les mises a jour de quoi que ça soit.
  13. Tu veux dire comme a chaque mise a jour d'un OS , navigateur , client de messagerie?
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