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  1. Nothing special, just ran a simple update on the client after checking that the admin kit had recently updated it's virus definitions.
  2. Just tested it with an "infected" file before and after a definition update and can confirm it's now sorted.
  3. It's good to know we're not alone with this one. Although we've just had another alert for a temp file, but this time it was a .DOC, which is slightly worrying! Anyone from Kaspersky care to comment on this?
  4. Do you think your alerts are false positives too? I Googled around for this latest virus and it brought back only one result: http://www.reputationauthority.org/toptens.php Apparently it's the No.1 virus in the world at the moment! Don't know how accurate that is, as it's sources could possible be feeding it false positives.
  5. Since a definition update this morning we've been getting numerous 'Exploit.MSWord.Agent.dj' alerts for temp .RTF files that are generated by a piece bespoke software the company uses. The templates it uses are clean, the software's executables are also clean, and no other .RTF files are triggering alerts. So it just seems that our software is doing something to the files that is triggering a definition, I have excluded the executable, but we were still getting alerts so I've had to exclude the temp folder as a temporary measure. We're using a mix of KAV 6.0 1424 and 1611. Is anyone else experiencing any issues?
  6. Not impressed with your support on this one. It's been nearly 3 months since the problem was reported at the beginning of this thread, not a good way to treat your customers.
  7. You just need to delete them from the adminkit.
  8. Remotely. Whether that setting is enabled or not, the error still occurs, which isn't good considering the firewall isn't even enabled. Connectivity is fine, the software updates from the admin server without problem, it just spams the event log with the above error. Which if it's harmless is fine, but knowing what Kaspersky's software is like I don't know if it's having a detrimental effect on the server.
  9. Anyone from Kaspersky care to respond or shall I log a call?
  10. Nope, same error when trying to add the ports, which wouldn't have made up difference as the firewall isn't even enabled. Any comment from the Kaspersky guys?
  11. We have the same issue, but it's only affecting Outlook 2007 users (all on XP), and only then when they try to send a file as an attachment from within an Office application. I wouldn't mind but we don't have mail anti-virus enabled so why is it installing plug-ins? Come on Kaspersky, get your act together...the work around posted is not acceptable for a corporate environment.
  12. I've just come here to post the same thing and this was the first post We've been having the same issue with all of our 2008 servers recently. Firewall is disabled and the "Open Network Agent ports in Microsoft Windows Firewall" setting in Network Agent policy is disabled. We're using NA 8.0.2090 and KAV
  13. Just tested it on a couple of PCs and there was no network disconnection, however this time I noticed brief flashes of dialog boxes as it's installing. Nothing major as they're too fast to even tell what they are, but it might freak users out
  14. Ahh ha...that sounds like the culprit. I will give that a try. Cheers.
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