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  1. Thank you for your reply. For those of us who are less knowledgeable could you please help us to understand why these "useless Add-ons" are included with the KIS package. Personally I have always believed that the 4 functions of "....URL Advisor, Safe Money, Virtual Keyboard and Content Blocker... " were useful and important aspects of creating a safe environment within which to work. I was also of the impression that the vast majority of KIS users shared the same view. Now that you and 3x0gR13N have told me (and others) that we have been living in some kind of "idiots paradise" with respect to these utilities can you please provide us with some guidance as to how we can safely access our bank accounts; login with our passwords to various sites; ensure that a URL is safe to click on.... and the many other actions that are typically part of a normal Internet experience. I look forward to receiving some help with respect to these questions so that I in turn can pass on this valuable information to others for whom I have a responsibility. T.
  2. Thank you for your reply. If I understand you correctly you are saying that "....URL Advisor, Safe Money, Virtual Keyboard and Content Blocker... are not important components of KIS and don't inhance overall security...." In other words these are just sort of gimmicky things thought up by the marketing department rather than important engineering components. Can you please confirm that my understanding is correct. T.
  3. If Kaspersky Labs has no intention of supporting Mozilla Firefox then it would be most helpful to us (the customers) if they would be honest and truthful and come out and make a public statement to the effect that Firefox will no longer be supported. It is now 3 months (last Kaspersky Firefox compatibility update was 14 January) since Kaspersky and Firefox were compatible. There are critical security issues in Firefox that must be fixed by installing the Firefox updates. But installing the Firefox updates breaks the equally critical functions in Kaspersky of "URL Advisor", "Safe Money", "Virtual Keyboard" and "Content Blocker". It is completely unreasonable to expect customers to wait more than 3 months for critical updates that seriously impact on security. I manage many computers and on these computers we use, in equal amounts, Kaspersky, Trend Micro and Norton. Some users use IE and a few (very few) use Chrome. But the preferred browser for most users is Firefox. We have absolutely no problems with Trend Micro and Norton compatibility with Firefox updates. The Add-Ons work seamlessly at the time of updating and everything carries on as normal. If we had a clear indication from Kaspersky Labs that Mozilla Firefox was no longer going to be suipported then we could make the decision to dump Kaspersky and move all those computers onto either Trend Micro or Norton. It just would be nice to know what the intention for the future is so that one can make informed decisions. T.
  4. Kravtsov, we were promised "patch g" in the middle of March - that is now almost 4 weeks ago. The BIG question is will "patch g" fix the problem with Rootkit and Critical Area scans locking up the entire system and forcing users to crash their computers? We have not been able to run Rootkit and Critical Area scans since the beginning of March. It really is not good enough. This is not the quality of service that one would expect from a professional company. T.
  5. "They get a lot of requests to deal with....." Antikythera, can you please quantify that. "...a lot..." is absolutely meaningless. If there is 1 support engineer and he/she receives 20 calls in a day that is "...a lot..." If there are 10 support engineers and they receive 20 calls in a day that is NOT "...a lot..." Can you also please qualify where you obtain your information. For example, do you receive a daily or weekly Log Report of the issues that have been logged with K-support? There is a culture amongst certain members of this Forum that Kaspersky Support is above reproach. That is nonsense. Kaspersky Support is the worst that I have ever experienced from any software company - and I have been in the IT business for 20 years so I do actually know about software support. For example, there has been a problem with Scanning locking in Critical Area and Rootkit scans since the release of build "f" which was 6 weeks ago. We were promised build "g" 3 weeks ago and still nothing and not a single word from K-support as to when the problem will be resolved. And that is typical. There is also a culture in K-support that the "customer is always wrong". Now many customers may be inexperienced and may be "wrong" in that sense. But there are also many IT professionals with many years experience that encounter real, genuine problems with the software that need to be addressed. T.
  6. Hi RB When this problem has been resolvd would you please be kind enough to post that information to this Thread. Many Thanks T.
  7. Draktharr, there is a temporaty work-around while we wait for KIS to fix the problem. 1. Open KIS User Interface 2. Click on Settings 3. In Settings click on Scan (second icon from left) 4. In Scan click on Full Scan 5. In Full Scan click on Scan Scope at the bottom of the window 6. In Scan Scope untick the box Startup Objects Then do the same for Critical Areas scan. Make a note to retick the two boxes once the problem is fixed. If you are concerned about other Startup Objects you can scan other Startup Objects independently and exclude KIS from the scan. T.
  8. RB, thanks for the "Good News". Hopefully the fix will be in the works soon. Your knowledge of KIS is far greater than mine, however I am not able to fully agree with your comment in your last post.... In the 5 years that I have been using KIS a few issues have been detected by the Real-Time Components. However, on all my computers I run a Critical Areas scan at the start of the day, a Rootkit scan during the day and a Full scan once a week. By far, the greatest number of issues have been detected by these on-demand scans. To equate numbers to percentages - let us assume that in the 5 years I have had 100 issues, then it would be accurate to say that of these only 20 were detected by the Real-Time Components and 80 were detected by on-demand scans. T.
  9. Drakharr, thanks for your reply. Yes, further investigation seems to indicate that this problem is not an isolated case. What to do about it is a real problem as it is now impossible to do Critical Area or Rootkit scans - which means that the security on any machine with this problem is now compromised. T.
  10. RB, thanks for your suggestions. Tech Support, regretably, is not an option as they seldom (if ever) actually respond and address the question that the customer is asking. My main purpose in raising this issue on the Forum was to determne if this was a "one-off" instance specific to a particular setup on one PC or if it was a something that others had also experienced. If others are experiencing the same problem then it needs to be addressed by Kaspersky Labs. If this is a "one-off" issue then I need to investigate the causes and look for a solution. Only one of my computers that uses KIS has this problem so I am tending to think that it is a problem specific to that computer. T.
  11. An UPDATE on this issue.... If I scan just this file then the scan takes about 1 second. If I scan the entire Kaspersky Folder (20,000 + files) the scan runs smoothly with no issues. But.... if I do a Critical Areas scan or a Rootkit scan then as soon as the scan reaches this file ( cf_response_provider.dll ) the scan locks the CPU at 99% and the system becomes unusable. T.
  12. Folder : Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 Filename : cf_response_provider.dll Filesize : 220KB Filedate : 08/17/2012 (this is the date KIS 2013 was installed on this machine) File has not been updated since original installation. When I run a Scan the process gets stalled when it reaches the above file. At that point the process avp.exe takes up 99% of the CPU time. It is impossible to terminate the process even when logged in as Administrator. The only way to stop the process is by a complete Shutdown. Even a Shutdown is sometimes impossible and one has to resort to a Powerdown - which is not something I would recommend. It has now become impossible to run a Scan on this machine. Other than an uninstall and reinstall is there any other way to resolve this issue? And will a reinstall resolve the issue or will it simply come back again because a new install will almost certainly use the same file as the file has not been updated since installation last year. Thanks for any advice. T.
  13. Midnite, thanks for your insight. Agree, uninstalling anything can be a tedious task. Browsers though are a little different - be it IE, Firefox or Chrome. Typically one would not treat a browser like "normal" software. In a real-world environment, one would typically check for an update to the browser and if there was an update one would then install the update on top of the existing installation. Browsers are updated frequently and as a consequence it would not be seen as "normal practice" to uninstall the currently installed version prior to downloading and installing the next version. A positive consequence of this incident is that, prior to my next upgrade of KIS, I will set aside a few hours to very carefully check everything on all computers prior to upgrading KIS. T.
  14. Thanks for suggestions. Problem has been resolved. But why it occured is still a mystery. After extensive searching I eventually found a "Firefox v6.0" file in a most unconventional place. Removal was simple and Safe Money is now using Firefox v18.0 as its Browser. However, I am still mystified why KIS found v6.0 in that location when v18.0 was located in the default Mozilla folder. Perhaps a Registry Key was directing KIS to that Folder.... very odd. T.
  15. Berny, thanks for your prompt reply and suggestion. Yes, that had been tried. But..... I found the answer to the problem in the most unexpected place. So for the benefit of anyone else who may have a similar problem... 1. Logged in as Administrator 2. Navigated to - Documents and Settings > Application Data > Log File 3. Found a TrendSecure Logfile 4. Tried to delete 5. Could not delete "Access Denied" - and that is why KIS could not delete In order to delete I had to do the following :- 1. Logged in as Administrator 2. Changed filename - still could not delete 3. Accessed "Permissions" 4. Under the new filename I was now allowed to give the Administrator "Full Control" 5. Now I could delete the file I need an extra strong cafe afer that T.
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