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  1. https://www.engadget.com/2017/11/04/kaspersky-antivirus-software-copied-non-threatening-files/ Kaspersky user since 2004, this article concerns me
  2. In addition to the instructions quoted below that keep getting buried, The reason why I replied asking if it happened on twitch.tv was because it happens with me with this website both at work and on home PC. My product versions are Home: Kaspersky Total Security (e) Work: Kaspersky Internet Security (e)
  3. Try the removal tool at the link below, reboot then try installing KAV again http://support.kaspersky.com/common/service.aspx?el=1464
  4. Hmm doesn't sound good, perhaps it was update related. I always stay away from the newest versions of any Kaspersky product because all you are, are a beta tester. I find usually the product eventually matures with patches but it's the same every single year. Still rolling with KAV 2013 here
  5. On Christmas day KAV 2013 was telling me my license had been blacklisted when I have a few months left on it. It was doing the same thing all day. I exited it later that day, opened it, updated databases and the error disappeared. Did you get any explanation why it needed you to activate another license such as yours was blacklisted or any other error?
  6. A quick Google search of the error you are getting looks like the issue is related to Chrome or your internet browser. It seems to want to scan the file for viruses but because you removed your previous internet security suite, there is nothing to scan the file with, thus the error. Try using another browser to download the file such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  7. Try doing a system restore to before you did the fixit. I can't say this is a known issue with KIS 2014 though, I have it installed on 2 machines.
  8. The automatic update option runs itself two hours after a successful update attempt or 20 minutes after an unsuccessful attempt which is pretty reasonable. Sometimes there are no new definitions for 3/4+ hours so it's hardly worth setting your client to check for updates every x minutes. I guess this is why they did away with that option.
  9. It shouldn't make a difference if you are running the trial version or if you have a license activated, your system shouldn't behave any different. Did you let your trial run out before purchasing the license? If so, once the trial runs out you are no longer protected. I suspect that you might have let your license run out before buying the license and you may have been infected with a virus in the period you were unprotected. Do a system restore if possible to a date your system was running OK then do the below. Double click Kaspersky Anti-Virus in the tray area then follow the mockup I've made below
  10. I know that quite well thanks and that is besides the point, the point i'm trying to make is Kaspersky is feeding the OS wrong information which needs to be fixed
  11. KAV (a. on Windows XP SP3 - tried this on 2 separate machines. When protection is disabled the following message is displayed
  12. I run the exact same setup on my desktop with Comodo Firewall standalone installed without issues so I highly doubt an incompatibly with CF. I have disabled Web/Mail and IM anti-virus in KAV and everything seems to be running smooth for the moment.
  13. Comodo Firewall is installed standalone even although the default installation folder is C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security.
  14. This was avp.exe's memory usage on my XP SP3 laptop which I use for light use. it was only fresh installed 2 weeks ago. The laptop was running idle for 2-3 hours with no open programs and no scans were running. I couldn't kill avp.exe in task manager so right click exited KAV and 15 minutes later this screenshot was taken. I had to restart the laptop to restore it back to a useable state. The system has been running fine since install roughly 2/3 weeks ago, I've noticed the leak since the last few days, the only system change that has been made is addition of a new wireless mouse which I did not install any software to use. Below is a GSI log http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...mp;key=gctn7TsV
  15. I was wondering what the cpes_clean_launcher command prompt window was too, a google search brought me here. I found the cpes_clean_launcher.exe in my temporary files folder, looking at properties it seems to be digitally signed to Check Point Software, seems logical as I uninstalled ZoneAlarm just and the PC had to reboot, it makes a log file too, looks like it cleans up unnecessary ZoneAlarm reg keys and files after uninstall.
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