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  1. :b_lol1: :b_lol1: Hello TOGS :supercool: I'm good mate .... :b_lol1: :b_lol1: The "unnecessary" scans were set by default installation of KIS .... never really noticed them before, but had become more intrusive and obvious over past couple of weeks. I did, however, change to perform critical area scan after each update ..... just for my own piece of mind, as I changed my laptop
  2. I am also getting frustrated with this .... using KIS .... tried advice from Berny, but doesn't allow to schedule rootkit scan - only option is a check-box to perform regular scan or not?? Am I missing something here...??? As far as I can see, the only way a rootkit scan can be scheduled is to go into settings and disable rootkit scan.... then go to settings to schedule a critical area scan and include rootkit as an additional component within it... Am I correct? :-)
  3. Hi, If, as you say, you uninstalled licence key from original, then once installed on new pc, you will still have 2 activations left. If you didn't, then you only have one activation remaining..... Have you created a "My Kaspersky" account or "Personal Cabinet"? Click here to login or register. [bExplanation][/b] About the activation code Activation code is a code that you receive on purchasing the commercial license for Kaspersky Internet Security. This code is required for activation of the application. The activation code is an alphanumeric string of Latin characters in xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx format. The activation code is provided in one of the following forms, depending on the way you purchase the application: If you have purchased the boxed version of Kaspersky Internet Security, the activation code is specified in the documentation or on the box containing the setup CD. If you have purchased Kaspersky Internet Security at an online store, the activation code is sent to the email address that you have specified when ordering the product. The validity term of the license starts from the moment you have activated the application. If you have purchased a license intended for the use of Kaspersky Internet Security on several devices, the validity term of the license starts counting down from the moment you have entered the code on the first of those devices. If you have lost or accidentally deleted your activation code after the activation, you should send a request to the Technical Support Service at Kaspersky Lab from My Kaspersky Account. On completion of the application activation with a code, you are assigned a client ID. Client ID is a personal ID of a user that is an indispensable condition for receiving technical support by phone or in My Kaspersky Account. :cb_punk:
  4. Hi again everyone just want to confirm that the advice that JanRei has given above, is exactly as I did,PLUS I added to exclusions until fp is fixed - and I have no issues whatsoever .... after full scan MY SYSTEM IS CLEAN !!!!!
  5. Thankyou Very Much Kind Regards to all concerned :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :cb_punk: :cb_punk:
  6. Hi buddy and welcome to the forums :cb_punk: I am also running Win 7 64bit ...... no compatability issues at all .... system running smoothly
  7. Thankyou JanRei, I await result of virus lab :bravo: wrj, I would suspect the fact that you are showing no issues after download, your system is clean, BUT ... KIS has a high degree of reliability and, as such, gives alerts for valid reasons. I would always advise to browse forums first when you are alerted, to see if other users have encompassed same problem....and for any advice subsequently given.... .....better to be safe than sorry
  8. Hi VLC update detected by KIS as trojan .. see attached... false pos?
  9. @richbuff :b_lol1: :b_lol1: :b_lol1: :bravo: :bravo: :b_lol1: :b_lol1: luv it!!! ....Classic.....Genius :b_lol1: Twilight Zone or what :b_lol1: :b_lol1:
  10. Thanks richbuff :-) no real issue..... more of a "groan" really. The main thing is that I am protected with no issues, and that keeps me happy.
  11. Thankyou antikythera :-) 2012 ??? ... only 10 months to go then :b_lol1: :b_lol1: :b_lol1:
  12. Hi Am using KIS 2011 v556 on win 7 x64 (SP1). After update "d" within KIS, the userforum link given in my support link reports as "broken or out of date" The link is given HERE. Screenshot of page I am taken to is also attached to this post. I have tried repair installation but makes no difference. Can anybody help me with this please?
  13. All updated to 21/02/11 10:28 Thankyou Kaspersky and fellow members for your support in this :bravo: :bravo:
  14. @MoxieMomma: Sorry mate ... I misunderstood I assumed you were requesting thread to be closed as "fixed" After several hours of monitoring this thread without succesful outcome I feared it was gonna be closed - leaving me stranded. No offence meant in any way shape or form :cb_punk: You have assisted me in the past without fault, and I should really appreciate your continued support should I need it in the future :pray: :bf:
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