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  1. This firewall is useless right now it does not prompt it just blocks on it's own. I am so tired of manually opening up for every app. What he heck changes did you do to the firewall because I do not like it. I use to run KIS for the firewall as it could be set to ONLY BLOCK those that were malware. It would scan during download and would not stop any app that I wanted to use the internet but this new firewall I am about to uninstall 2017 as it has now become too intrusive. How do I set the firewall to just monitor and only block when malicious activity or file is detected like it use to? I am beginning to wonder why I am even running KIS as I have had to disable so many modules that it's almost useless to me. Web Antivirus - cause too many slow downs for normal browsing. URL were taking too long to open while it checked the site Firewall - it keeps blocking apps and I run a lot of custom apps I would be forever to manually edit ports all day. It just wont ask me to allow or deny. Private Browsing - again slows down normal browsing Anti-Banner - slows down page loading System watcher - keeps deleting apps or terminating them. Never asks how I want it to be handled? What kind of security software does not give a prompt as an action choice? Application Manager - slows down processes like batch scripts there is almost nothing left running anymore except Network Attack Blocker. With how unprotected I am I would be better off with just Windows Defender and a specialized firewall/anti hacker software as KIS has become bloated like Norton and slowing tasks down. It has become dumbed down where it no longer has an interactive mode asking if you want to allow, clean, terminate, or quarantine anything it's all dumbed down automatic.
  2. I see no way to submit a false report from that URL. I see a scanner that only works on 30MB files and a URL submission tool. It is only the System Watcher that appears to be bugged with the false positive as I am not able to turn that on at all without it deleting the file. I see no way to set any exclusions at all with System Watcher it seems to be the ultimate in what I would call a dumb module and not a smart module. There is no interactive options at all it's block, delete, allow, ignore. So there is no interactive mode for this module at all so having it on is useless right now because it will delete my app automatically. If I turn on ignore than it's exactly the same as turning it off so I have just had to turn off the entire module. Whoever designed this module needs to design it better because right now it's a dumb module that gives no capability to interact at all with it.
  3. a. Kaspersky does not ask how I want a possible infection to be handled and automatically deletes it. It does not give me any sort of option at all on how I want it to handle it. I do not want auto deletion I want it to confirm with me how I want it handled. b. https://github.com/ethereum/mist/releases (Mist Wallet for Ethereum Coins) I figured out it is System Watcher and had to disable it. Now tell me how to get Kaspersky not to auto handle what it believes is infections I already know that Mist Wallet is a false alert malware but the minute I click on it Kaspersky deletes it! It does not ask me if I want to ignore, add to exclusions, quarantine, or delete it just deletes no matter what.
  4. New 2017 version: I no longer get an option to add to excluded or trusted. It keeps deleting my programs without asking me. How do I get this version to ask me how I want to handle a file? I can't run my app and have to keep downloading it. At this time I had to disable the System Watcher leaving me unprotected because it will not let me run my app.
  5. Soon is not satisfactory! I need it now because currently I am running unprotected because I can't turn the damn KIS back on or it will go berserk before day is out! Release it as a hotfix untested just to get us protected ANYTHING is better than nothing at all which I have now! I have tried disabling much of the protection and as long as it's installed I have the problem I had to uninstall the entire program as I can not disable the damn service. I had to uninstall it because KIS is a like a damn virus or trojan I could not disable the damn avp.exe service so I could use my computer! FIX THIS!!! I SHOULD BE ABLE TO DISABLE KIS WHEN I HAVE IT'S SELF PROTECTION AND SELF DEFENSE TURNED OFF IT SHOULD NOT TAKE OVER MY ENTIRE SYSTEM LIKE A DAMN VIRUS DOES!
  6. I had another incident! over 1,774,380 KB memory from avp.exe after rootkit scan froze at 50% and a locked 25% cpu resources! I turned off self protection and external control and tried to terminate process but it refused to shut down! the Kaspersky Service failed to shut down and it kept climbing! KIS has really gotten super buggy lately and just about unusable when it does this out of control thing!
  7. Reboot fixed the problem.. but any idea what caused this problem? After all it really was heating up my compute with CPU running at full like that for probably all day. The memory kept climbing.. It's still runs memory useage mroe than it use to.. use to average around 78MB but lately I have seen it averaging 200MBs of memory. It really is appearing to become a resource hog lately. I stand corrected.. I can not even enable KIS at all anymore.. if I do I can't open up my Firefox anymore.. it refuses to open.. Disable KIS and Firefox opens up just fine. It's really starting to look like I need to find a new security software.. this one just keeps appearing to get more bloated.. Firefox plugins that are installed without asking.. New components that do not work right like System Watcher.. enable it and I find dos batch files slow to a crawl. I really wish KIS would go back to it's original modular system that it was when it had a small footprint.. didn't need spam protection don't install it.. do not need parental controls do not install it. But now it all installs and is part of the OS even if not enabled. But for the last week KIS is basically running like crap.
  8. I don't know what is going on my my KIS 2013 has run away with itself! The memory and CPU resources went haywire! Even with protection and self defense disabled I could not terminate the process!
  9. Thanks.. I got it set to a much lower amount of days now.. Hopefully now when I search for a name in the filter box it won't freeze up KIS.
  10. I go into firewall or application control and type in a word to filter by and that is the end of KIS. I have to stop the service and alt end the task because it completely locks up with busy! What has been broken in KIS 2013 to cause this? Secondly does KIS EVER delete old application filters and firewall settings for ones it creates on it's own? I play alot of rpg maker games and it has about 50 or so just for that filename.. the files are all named the same game.exe but it creates a seperate one for each game I play and never deletes them. Probably why the damn filter locks up because it has 50 of just one filename! This is a major flaw in the firewall it should be able to already tell a filename with the same name already exists don't create a new rule everytime it is run. Same with .tmp files, setup.exe files.. why the heck is it making permanent recordings of these files you run a single time for install?
  11. Well I found Unbuntu and made a bootable thumb drive.. I was than able to delete them files.. once deleted I than was able to do a defrag and not have any fragmented files. I do not know how KIS was locking these files but no windows based even XP would allow me to delete them at all. So now all is fine but really when I turned off self defense and that I should be able to take ownership of file and delete it but that just would not work with them files.
  12. Thanks.. yes I tried turning off system restore.. I will see if I can find a good linux live CD that can boot me to a desktop that will also mount drives. I've tried Windows related ones just never found files that appear to have no owner and can't be removed by PE before.
  13. I have some files in the System Volume Information that in no way shape or form can be deleted. Even using an XP Live CD or Windows PE disk I am not able to delete these files normally I could clean out this folder. I notice one of these files is related to KIS so would like to know if all these files are related to KIS because when I check ownership of the file it says owner handle can not be retrieved and I can not take ownership of them. I am trying to find out if these files are somehow corrupted so that I am going to have to wipe the drive and restore or if all these files are related to KIS 2013 as I know the iswif3.dat would be. I have never seen files that I have never been able to delete or clear out before when I am booting to a Live PE or Bart PE disk. Why am I trying to delete these files is because I can't get defrag to clean these files they are locked down or corrupted so badly that I have these files in permanent fragmented status. File listed below.. Directory of C:\System Volume Information Name Size Attr Spp <DIR> d sh {3808876b-c176-4e48-b7ae-04046e6cc752} 64 kb a sh {8bbb5fcb-7287-11e2-8686-6c626d7151e6}{3808876b-c176-4e48-b7a... 1,120 Mb a sh {d7b6d618-7280-11e2-82e0-6c626d7151e6}{3808876b-c176-4e48-b7a... 1,687 Mb a sh 001.dat 128 kb a sh 002.dat 128 kb a sh ISwift3.dat 785 kb a sh Mdllog.dat 21 kb a sh MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase 0 b a sh Syscache.hve 7,168 kb a Syscache.hve.LOG1 256 kb a sh Syscache.hve.LOG2 0 b a sh 12 files, 2,815 Mb Directory of C:\System Volume Information\SPP Name Size Attr SppCbsHiveStore <DIR> d sh SppGroupCache <DIR> d sh 2 files, 0 b Directory of C:\System Volume Information\SPP\SppGroupCache Name Size Attr {B0A5C2E8-2514-448A-B44E-DE87CA22E635}_DriverPackageInfo 70 kb a sh {B0A5C2E8-2514-448A-B44E-DE87CA22E635}_WindowsUpdateInfo 10 kb a sh
  14. I have discovered the faulty module to be System Watcher. I have to keep it off making me more vulnerable as it's a broken module it does not use the exclusions list!
  15. Yes it is not working. I added this file to both trusted and exclusion and it is not excluding because it takes 1 minute 25 seconds to complete. I turn off KIS protection it takes 9 seconds! If KIS is slowing down a simple process like this how much is it slowing everything down in my system so I am not seeing the use of my SSD HDD? C:\Users\malaac\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Clear All Logs.bat It's a batch file that clears all the dumb event logs in Windows 7. Runs the code below... @echo off FOR /F "tokens=1,2*" %%V IN ('bcdedit') DO SET adminTest=%%V IF (%adminTest%)==(Access) goto noAdmin for /F "tokens=*" %%G in ('wevtutil.exe el') DO (call :do_clear "%%G") echo. echo goto theEnd :do_clear echo clearing %1 wevtutil.exe cl %1 goto :eof :noAdmin exit So does anyone know why exclusions are not working? I probably have to go back to KIS 2012 where it works it never interferred before since bugs and such never get fixed as they won't reply with anything but canned messages!
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