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  1. Hi to all. I have been reading your posts from times to times but I have never posted. I am using KAV for more than one year and I must say I have gained my peace. Before Kav I was using Norton,Mcafee (not cracked or anything),zonealarm etc My system was full of viruses.Boot sector viruses and trojans that kav detected. I am a forex (foreign exchange.currency trading )trader and in my pc I have important information for bank accounts ,passwords for trading programs ,passwords for trading accounts and personal information . I was very lucky that someone didnt empty my accounts when I was using norton! With Kav no such problem though.No trojans no viruses absolutely nothing. Maybe some of you want to be secure for a hobby but for me it is crucial.Absolutely crucial and I must say that Kav has delivered its promises. When Outpost subscription ends I am going to subscribe for KIS. Now about the tests. How can we be sure that the guy performing the tests is trully independent? I mean he does spend a lot of time and effort in these tests. His tests determine the quality of a product in the mind of many readers.If he wants he can exploit it to gain cash. I am not implying anything about him,just...Can we really trust his results completely? When cash are involved you can only trust very few people.
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