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  1. It is possible that you may have some corrupted files. I know Kaspersky has always had a problem scanning when it encounters corrupt files, especially when it always does it in the same place. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi. So when using Kaspersky Total Security. When I hit the support forum button, I am not sent to the forum, but to HTTP 404. Please fix.
  3. Hi. So when using Kaspersky Total Security. When I hit the support forum button, I am not sent to the forum, but to HTTP 404. Please fix.
  4. Hi Rich. If you have a corrupted file on your hard drive, the scan will fail. Until the corrupted file is removed or repaired, the full scan will continue to fail.
  5. Also, I may have the answer. The scan will fail if you have a corrupted file. Try scanning each folder to see where the corrupted file is. That's what I did and I found the corrupted file. Re-Downloaded it. Then run the scan again. Fixed my problem.
  6. So I did as Super K suggested, but I could not remove Adobe directory from the common files folder. I have Windows7 64bit Pro. The vulnerability occurred when I installed the AIR
  7. Hi. I uninstalled the Adobe Air. Then restarted the computer. Installed the new Adobe Air. Restarted and the vulnerability is there. I have enclosed a temp.gif of what happens when I hit details. temp1.gif is from the scan. temp2.gif is the details from the additional information reports. This is the only vulnerability shown.
  8. Here is something I found out. If the full scan is cancelled by Kaspersky before ending, there is usually a file that is either corrupted or it cannot scan. If you have more than one drive, do a selective scan for each drive. When you have found the drive that is having the problem, search each folder to see where the affected file(s) is/are. I found an old file that was giving the full scan a problem. I deleted it and re-downloaded it again. I ran the Full scan again, and everything was fine. Hope this helps!
  9. UPDATE: I happened to uninstall my Kaspersky Total Security 2016 with the one vulnerability showing prior to uninstalling. After re-installing, the vulnerability was gone.
  10. This may sound silly, but do I have to activate the phone before I can install the protection? It is Safe Browser isn't? Sorry, this is my first windows phone.
  11. Hi. I sent the info to the link above on 10/26/2016. The email title says "Kaspersky - Support INC000005255710 Other Virus Issue" so I assume they are still working on it.
  12. Hi. I would like to know if my Kaspersky Total Security 2016 will cover 2 computers and 2 windows phones? (Nokia Lumia 635 & 640) My license says 5 computers.
  13. So the same message appeared again. I have added more pics. I hope this helps.
  14. So I tried all of the remedies listed here and I'm still getting the error message. I'm trying the full scan again now. It seems to do the entire scan which take 1 hour and 43 mins. with no detected threat and says scan failed as before. I'll let you know what happens after the scan.
  15. Hi. I just sent the system report. There seems to be a problem doing the Full Scan for the first time since my upgrade when KTS 2016 came out. This is the error message: The second pic is what I have been getting all this time, but with no problems.
  16. So patch C just came out and the Vulnerability is still there. I guess I'll have to wait for the next one.
  17. I have uninstalled the Adobe Air and ran the Vulnerability Scan and it showed 0 vulnerabilities. Restated system, reinstalled Adobe Air. Ran Vulnerability Scan and Shockwave Player vulnerability shows up again. Hitting the details button takes me to the Secure List. I have attached the screenshot of the results after the Vulnerability Scan.
  18. Hi. I uninstalled the Adobe Air, restarted system, then reinstalled the Adobe Air and updated the Shockwave Player as Indio indicated. After the New Vulnerability scan, it shows the Shockwave Player as a vulnerability, but the details are in the picture. Help please.
  19. Sorry Indio. I just clicked the support icon and it brought me here. I have tried uninstalling the Adobe Air and then reinstalling it & updating the Shockwave player and Flash Player, but the shockwave Player still shows up as a vulnerability. And yes I have already read your previous post.
  20. Hi. I have 26 days to enter my new license key. How long can I wait to enter it?
  21. Hi guys. Its seems that I get this message from time to time, "Internet Explorer Stopped Working." I was told by my Internet Service Provider that this is either a virus or an add-on causing this problem. Now I have done a Full Scan and a Vulnerability Scan and have found nothing. What Viruses and/or Add-Ons could cause this problem please? What can I do to fix it?
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