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  1. As much as i like kl's fighting against malware, It would be nice if they kept it out of the forum .
  2. I searched the registry manually for the software names, for example perfectdisk wouldn't install because of old entries, so i went through the registry deleting anything with perfectdisk in the name and it seemed to work.
  3. Well, the installers will now atleast run but some of them can't overwrite whatever remains i forgot to delete.
  4. I fixed it by doing a forced reinstallation using the .506 msi. But hopefully you can tell me how to fix the other installers. All the other broken uninstallers are also .msi It's amazing how the people who made windows can make the worst uninstallers/installers. I tried running the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility but it gets runtime error. EDIT: Never mind, i figured it out myself. Just delete the installation strings in registry.
  5. I cannot uninstall kaspersky due to an error and the removal tool does absolutely nothing after i reboot. See picture. This is a system-wide problem, not just kaspersky can't uninstall but perfectdisk, powerarchiever etc due to the same type of problem but i hope i can fix all errors now. Someone told me its a permissions problem but all attempts to fix it did not make a difference.
  6. I think he means KIS is running inside the VPC, so he cannot add the VPC executable to KIS if its running inside. I have the same problem running build 454 inside virtualbox vm, after i reboot after installation it shows lines down the screen with no windows logon or anything. The only other programs in the vm is the additions which could be the problem.
  7. Mine came today too Seems they send them out in bulk . I believe they previously did not need to confirm your information but as pcah9 said, this offer was posted all over the internet and used by many non-customers to get KIS 2009 free. After a while barclays realized this and blacklisted most if not all of the codes issued to non-customers. In the end of the email it says "check back with Barclays Online Banking next year for instructions on how to renew." so hopefully i'm prepared for next year as well .
  8. I did the offer located here : I did the offer on exactly : Sat Jun 28, 2008 It is now : Sun Jul 06, 2008 The contents of the email was : It has been a week and still no code. Now according to unofficial definitions (regular people), a few days is 3 or 4 days. A week is 7 days, see my problem? Now, am i being impatient or is the scientific side of me correct . So should i blame kaspersky or barclays? And yes i am a real customer of barclays. If anyone else did this offer please tell me how long it took for the code to arrive.
  9. I don't know how to fix your problem but the cumulative updates are probably not out yet because KIS 8 is not out yet for your country (US and U.K).
  10. It seems to be the program AD (ALIDEVICE) with the little creature (maybe a penguin). Do you know what that program does or is it invisible? It looks like its writing something to a text file. Could you go to the text file to see what is being written? It is also using the internet for something, maybe sending keylog reports? Would a GSI report help lucian?
  11. I did a little testing and the new KIS 2009 fails many tests compared to v7 due to it automatically trusting explorer to launch whatever it wants . Is the kaspersky experts planning to overcome this somehow? Will the PDM be able to stop "real" threats that explorer launches? This doesn't matter too much since everyone hates matousecs tests now anyway according to wilders users, but its still nice to know .
  12. Hi, i got a free 1 year license for KIS from my bank. I haven't received the code yet but will receive it around the estimated UK release date. I was wondering if kaspersky planned to have an update for the UK release since i am sure they don't want the huge population of the U.K to get all the reported problems . Also once i receive the code is it activated or must i insert it into kaspersky first for the day count to start? The license is for 3 users so how does kaspersky know if its only being used on 3 computers, what if i want to use it on a different computer after installing it on 3?
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