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  1. Try disabling DOS attacks feature in your ADSL connection router.
  2. If he is not going to tell the release date, then why is he saying that he knows the release date. Its totally out of the blue. Don Pelotas please clarify your statement: " I know the release date, but I'm not gonna tell you".
  3. Yes, everyone is eager to know the release. Now we should keep this discussion (release date: provoked by Don Pelotas's statement) to a halt....
  4. If that's the point, then why did you admit that you know the release date? http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...ndpost&p=374351
  5. The icon you posted is cool, but no developers will listen to your request. I depends upon their mood.
  6. Cookies are simple pieces of harmless text. Don't worry about them. But, I recommend you to use a secondary anti-spy in conjunction with KIS 6/7, because KIS does not scan the registry and does not detect medium/low risk spywares.
  7. But many a times anti-banner slips out to block banner at sites like : (At least on my PC) http://www.download.com/ BTW, I know what I am saying...
  8. Can it be tweaked to use higher memory so that it blocks banners more rapidly?
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