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  1. Sure, I think I have all I need now for my migration. Thanks.
  2. Yes, you were right Nikolay. I had not converted the policy from MR1 to SP2, and thought it was working because I saw the tasks. It's OK now, thanks. The local tasks are now well hidden.
  3. I don't see any reference to running under policy on the local interface. If I remove the device from the "managed devices" group, the group tasks disappear. If I readd it to the group, the tasks reappear.
  4. How can I do that ? I can confirm some settings are applied at least : the File Antivirus is configured as per my policy settings, and my group tasks are correctly configured on my workstation.
  5. If this is what you are referring to, I already unchecked "allow management of local tasks" in my policy, but they are still visible and still running.
  6. iSwift database not used ?

    request number : INC000008268638
  7. No, but the previous ones did (scan my computer, etc.). The settings.ini trick is a terrible solution. I think these tasks should be removable by policy, don't you ?
  8. iSwift database not used ?

    What software report ? I told you there was a 5GB trace file that I cannot post !! Please be more precise ! Task report (I stopped the task in the middle because I had to work) : Group task settings :
  9. The three "manual" tasks were created automatically. I can't prevent them from being created, I can't remove them. The translations are "vulnerability scan", "integrity check" and "custom scan" There were three other "local" tasks that I managed to remove with a setup.ini file by setting : [Tasks] ScanMyComputer=0 ScanCritical=0 Updater=0 Very very bad workaround, IMHO. Having to use a ini file to prevent task creation, what a mess... Anyway, I can't remove the remaining ones. Even unchecking "allow management of local tasks" does not hide them.
  10. iSwift database not used ?

    Some more data : First run (after desinstallation of previous version, installation of new version, and KSC server switching) : 1h20. Following run : 1h22. Absolutely NO gain.
  11. iSwift database not used ?

    ... and I forgot something : it scans objects that are in my exclusion zone !
  12. iSwift database not used ?

    OK, I ugraded ecerything. The result is, as expected, that a full scan takes ages, and that everything seems to be rescanned every time. Just as an exemple, there is a DLL for which I can see in the progress window that all objects are scanned on every scan (I see mydll.dll//somefunctionname.o in the progress window). This DLL never changes, of course. I have enabled traces, but after 10 minutes the trace file (SRV) was over 5GB in size so I stopped it. Of course, I can't send you such a file. Do you want an extract from it ? Say, the first 100 lines (head -n 100) ?
  13. Sorry, I meant it created local tasks. This did not happen before, only the tasks specified in the administration server where created on the workstations.
  14. SQLServer to MySQL migration

    You can simply right click on the policy and select "export". In KSC 10.1.249, the option is right there.
  15. OK, seems to work on a test machine. I don't understand you point about PTR. PTR is pointing to the computer's FQDN, which is different from its alias. I got a problem though : I deployed the latest KES 10 (because I was instructed to do so to get support for my iSwift problem), but the deployment task created a bunch of local files that I cannot remove. This did not happen with my previous KSC/KES combination, and to me the deployment package configuration looks exactly the same. What is the solution to this ?