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Hi/Bye everybody,


Sadly I've all but said bye-bye to KAV after more than two years of it's protection, as for now, pending my ultimate goal of migrating onto open source software, AV to start with, them Linux itself, I'm now running Blink Personal.


Not only is the first year totally free with not so mach as a cardit card needed to install the full version, but it was much easier to install and set up. Also pleasing, is my machine runs a little quicker and clearly smoother.


Don't necessarily mean to bring up KAV's shortcomings, as everything has them, however if it wasn't for help found on the forum, well you know.


As for my uninstall, I used the KAV7's 'unwise exe' I think it was. And I too have noticed missing sections on very few webpages. Areas of text seem as if buried under other text and/or grahics. Can't be sure it's KAV related.


As for KAV's not unregistering certain dll's, or so I've read just today, I was more surprised that even the avp.exe shortcut on my programs list still listed even today.


Poking around my regisitry, I do see quite a few KAV

entires too.


So as much as I didn't want to mention KAV's operating issues, undeniably there are some of us encountering many of them and all too frequently as for whatever reasons, I repeatedly had to reinstall, nothing ever seemed to fix it.


As such, I was always left wondering about the programs stability as even the updates that sometime failed to list, even though they'd list as downloading (50 to 60 odd files), then itwould list as updating (just 20 to 30 files), and rarely did I ever note those remaining downloaded files ever

installing" or later even being updated.


What I found most concerning was that for years when

writing to the Lab for support, when they rarely did e-mail back, usually in Russian, it wasn't long before the same or new issues cropped up.


In that things kept going 'south', then when windows even began refusing to come to front, Excel's spreadsheets (100% of the time) and occaisionally other windows like text doc's, etc., after I discovered that KAV was the culprit as in every instance, when 'exiting' KAV only then did windows entirely function again, so I relented an uninstalled KAV.


Note that since uninstalling KAV, I haven't encountered window one failing to come to front. At risk of sounding bitter, its not real surprizing that KAV's not provided a proper uninstaller.


As for the uninstall tool's forum posted links at...




..they too aren't/weren't working at least for me as while it got me to an otherwise working Kaspersky web page, (listing lot's of links) it otherwise basically denotes "Page not found". And yes I tried the recommended "refresh" thing, but no change.


Did send them an e-mail using that page's working link for reporting a KAV webpage issue, but I'll be a little surprized if it gets any attention, let alone an English reply.


I'll keep seeking the unistall tool, even though I think I ran it once already, unless using it a second time might not be adviseable.


Wish all your electronic endeavors and virtual travels be happy one's (ie; hap-e-trails to all),



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