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Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 - Office 2016 documents cannot be saved to network

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We've recently begun testing KES 11 on a small cluster of machines in my environment to get a handle on any potential issues for when we move forward with deploying to the rest of my environment of about 5000 machines.

The users of a few test machines report that since receiving KES 11, they're now no longer able to save MS Office 2016 documents (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, etc) to network shares. They instead receive a generic "Document not saved" error message from Office when trying to save and usually get prompted by the application to then try to save to the local drive. I found that the issue disappears as soon as KES 11 is disabled from the taskbar and resumes when KES 11 is reenabled. I found that the issue remains even if I disable all modules on KES 11 and simply leave KES running.

I tried reinstalling KES 11 and repairing/uninstalling and reinstalling Office 2016 but neither resolved the issue.

I contacted Support and they first suggested disabling the Firewall module (which didn't work) and then provided PF 5074 to install. I already have PF 5067 installed on these clients after a previous issue with KES 11 and Office 2016. Even after installing PF 5074 the issue is still present.

I looked through the forums and found that this is apparently a known issue found in previous versions of Kaspersky products and I'm not sure if this issue was ever identified and resolved.



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have you installed FLE\FDE modules (Kaspersky encryption) as well? if yes, are you entitled to work with encryption? If you do not have a compliant license or you're not interested in FLE then, please, uninstall that module and check if the problem still occurs.


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Hey Mastropizza,

As a matter of fact we do have the FLE/FDE modules installed as we're looking to enforce removable device encryption through policy. Our license is compliant with data encryption.



We noticed that the encryption module was also at the root of the issue with the previous Office 2016 issue we'd encountered with KES 11, but unfortunately one of our primary reasons for having Kaspersky Endpoint Security at this point in time is the data encryption functionalities. I can uninstall the module to confirm whether it's the source of this issue as well but unfortunately that cannot be our solution moving forward as it's a necessary feature for us.


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It's been confirmed while working through support that this is an issue with the FLE component.

I know that starting in KES 11 the encryption module installation files are included in the application installation package and that it's incompatible with the encryption module for KES 10. That being said - is there a way to remotely enable/disable the encryption module on a machine without essentially repushing the entire application installation package?

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You can use Kaspersky Security Center task " Change appliaciton components" 

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