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Does your software platform have these characteristics?

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I am looking for a app usage monitoring and control software for windows, android and iphone and am wondering if your software platform allows these. The softare doesnt necessarily need to meet all the specs below, but more the better. These are some aspects of the software that I am looking for.


1. General characteristics across Windows, Android and iphone platform

1.1 Ability to block access to multiple windows laptops, an android phone and a iphone at night between (9 pm and 4am)

1.2. Ability to block off adult websites on multiple windows laptops, an android phone and a iphone all the time on the various internet browsers on Windows android and iphone, as well as when an application may have an inbuilt browsers (such as the linkedin app on android).

1.3. ability to monitor activity (data usage, URL of websites, document titles, apps (if possible keystrokes)) over a long period of time and provide a dashboard that shows the usage

1.4. an API which will allow me to obtain data regarding my usage patterns from the cloud

1.5 ability to work alongside other complimentary control and monitoring software, since your platform maynot provide all the features that I need.


2. Specs for android and iphone

2.1. ability to block certain apps (google play) to only use wifi, certain apps (myfitnesspal) to only use cellular coverage, and certain apps (internet browser) all the time.

2.2. ability to enable/disable opening of certain apps (linkedin) using a hard password/pattern (instead of enabling/disabling of the app, if it allows me to enable/disable usage of wifi/4G data with the app, thats fine too)

2.3. autoenable blocking of app after a certain period of timeability to block videos or images on all apps/browsers

2.4. autoenable blocking of apps which have been enabled after a certain period of time

2.5. ability to restrict usage of apps/phone based on the location of the phone


3. Specs for windows

3.1. ability to restrict amount of time spent on certain apps on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis

3.2. ability to restrict amount of time spent on certain webistes on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.

3.3. allow ability to change the settings for 3.1 and 3.2 using a hard password


Does your software provide the functionality for the above requirements?


if your software platform allows these/some of these, what is the cost of your software?







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sorry for the delay.

Please create a request to Tech support via my.kaspersky.com


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