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Can not view Disqus comments unless I quit Kaspersky protection.

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I can not delete the 3 other posts that seem to of appeared, there seems to of been some lag, I never made a new post for each of them :(


Hi. I love Kaspersky. Never had a problem with it.


I upgraded to Windows 10 last week and upgraded to the latest version due to realizing that the version I had working with Windows 7 was not working with the upgrade to 10.

Last night I went on ebay to buy something and when the protected window came up to log me in to ebay I start experiencing a ton of problems, I couldn't log in to Ebay! It kept trying to get me to install the Kaspersky Protection chrome extension, which was already installed. No matter what I done it wouldn't go. I couldn't enter my ebay password in the log in field. I was basically being refused by Kaspersky to buy this item.

In the end I had to turn off Safe Money and maybe had to disable Kaspersky it's self which was just stupid.


Anyway, I bought my item and left Safe money and the protected browser off (which I would rather not like to do tbh). I spend a lot of my free time viewing websites like Gizmodo and Kotaku, mainly for the DISQUS comments which are widely used on many blog sites across the internet. Now this is the worst problem of all. The comments now just don't load. I have tried searching for a fix but have found nothing. The only way I can get the comments to load is by disabling Kaspersky and reloading the page which in it's self is absurd!!!


I hope there is a fix for this, and that you know what I am trying to explain here. They just don't load. You scroll to the bottom of the page where the comments are meant to be , you even get a bit that says "View and comment " but clicking that just does nothing. If you go to DISQUS.com you can view comments even with Kaspersky on.


I'm sorry if I come off stressy , I haven't had much sleep. Any help would be greatly received.


p.s. I am using Chrome

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I also had the problem that I could not view/participate in Disqus discussions.  I googled and found this thread.  I'm using KAV on a Mac.

I found that if I went to Kaspersky Internet Security Preferences, Privacy tab, and turned off "Block website tracking", Disqus would work again.

It still worked if I later re-enabled blocking of website tracking - which leaves me quite confused.  (I tried re-enabling each component trying to find the one that needed to stay off, and couldn't.)

(At first I had assumed that the problem was Ghostery; even after completely unblocking Disqus in Ghostery, Disqus still wouldn't work.)

(I'll update this if anything clears up.  Being on a Mac (runing macOS), I can't provide a GSI; the tool is PC-only.)

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