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[Tools] Nolmë Informatique - Command line tools

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we're publishing the first version of our tool set for Kaspersky AK8 and SC9.

- All these tools are free of charge for home or commercial use.

- More tutorials will come soon.

- Comments are welcome

- We've done these tools in order to be Windows version independent as most as possible.


Based on . NET2 and C++, the package contain several tools :

AppVersion : Check hash or version number of a file (use inside batches to update files)

CheckRange : Compare a number or IP inside a range (check private ip pool for example)

CreateWindowsAccount : Create an account (useful to create an admin account on a remote computer were administrative rights went away)

FileMerge : merge files between them

Is64Bits : Check 32/64 bits version of Windows

PublicIP : Retrieve public IP of computer (call php script from http://www.nolme.com/ip.php)

QuickMail : Send an email

RegRead : 32 bits registry reader

RegRead : 64 bits version

SetChoice : Display a menu inside a batch to give a choice

Shtudown : Logoff, reboot, shutdown computer

Wait : Display a timer to wait some seconds

WGet : Download a file from HTTP

WinVersion : Get Windows version


Keep in mind these tools are written for MSP. Because many computers are far away from several clients, we need to do some administrative tasks soon.

We don't want to have too many network agents from different companies too.

so, let's do some work with Kaspersky's Network Agent.


So what can we do with it ?

- Force a reboot/logoff/shutdown

- Download & generate a GSI report with Windows Events and then, send it by email. (a standalone version is available here http://www.nolme.com/datas/msp/GSI.zip)

- Update Flash Player, VLC, Firefox...

- and many many other things to do with it.


You can download the installer : http://www.nolme.com/datas/msp/CmdLineTools_setup.exe

You can download the SDK (standalone samples) : http://www.nolme.com/datas/msp/CommandLineTools_SDK.7z


Have fun.






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Here's the first script which download & update Piriform CCleaner, Defraggler and Recuva.


Script location : http://www.nolme.com/datas/msp/Pifiorm.zip


Add a task which run 'Report.bat' but include both BATCHES.


The script check version before download & installing the latest one.


Using this method will be easy for updating other applications like FileZilla, Firefox, VLC, Flash Player and it will come soon.



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New script : [/url]http://www.nolme.com/datas/msp/AllApps.zip[/url]


Install or upgrade :

Piriform CCleaner

Piriform Defraggler

Piriform Recuva


CD Burner XP



Script has been improved. Only applications which need to be upgraded are killed.

General debug log : %WINDIR%\Temp\Report_AllApps.txt

Specific debug log (by application) : %WINDIR%\Temp\nolme_*.log.



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I'm having problems getting this to work


If you run the exe should the extra options automatically be populated in the custom tools options on the admin kit?


I'm using AK 8 CF2

Edited by mike1210

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here's a more detailed procedure :

- Download Command Line Tools (http://www.nolme.com/datas/msp/CmdLineTools_setup.exe) on computer were AK8 Console is installed

- Be sure .NET 2.0 or more is installed on remote computer to manage

- Create a deployment task for CommandLineTools (see FAQ : http://support.kaspersky.com/ak8/clients_i...l?qid=208281755) using parameter /VERYSILENT

- Deploy previous task to remote computer and check %WINDIR%\CmdLineTools folder presence


then :

- Create another deployment task for each script (GSI, AllApps) (see FAQ again : http://support.kaspersky.com/ak8/clients_i...l?qid=208281755)

you must select Report.BAT and add all folder content (so Report-Internal.bat will be added to task)

- Run the task and wait Network Agent sync'.




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New Build :


Version : (http://www.nolme.com/datas/msp/CmdLineTools_setup.exe)

Wget has been modified. Use /? at prompt to see changes.


Scripts :


WinAudit (http://www.nolme.com/datas/msp/WinAudit.zip) - PDF output replaced by HTML. You can use Word 2007/2010 or OpenOffice to export to PDF. File is much more small.


GSI Report (http://www.nolme.com/datas/msp/GSI.zip) - unchanged except embedded executables


AllApps (http://www.nolme.com/datas/msp/AllApps.zip) - unchanged. OLD batch script


AllApps beta (http://www.nolme.com/datas/msp/AllApps_beta.zip) - Only update Piriform CCleaner for the moment. This is the NEW template for batch which will be used in the future.



Known bugs :


GSI Report can't get .EVT files on Windows 2003 Server when launched using Kaspersky Network Agent

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New Scripts :


Adobe Flash Player (http://www.nolme.com/datas/msp/Adobe Flash Player.zip) - Uninstall all previous Flash versions before installaing the new one.


Adobe Shockwave Player (http://www.nolme.com/datas/msp/Adobe Shockwave Player.zip) - Uninstall all previous Shockwave versions before installaing the new one.


Note :


Both script kills web browsers before install.

Edited by nolme

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Interesting stuff, although remote installation scripts seem a little complicated

Hope someone get us Firefox and/or Adobe Reader installers

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Interesting stuff, although remote installation scripts seem a little complicated

Hope someone get us Firefox and/or Adobe Reader installers




the new version works with Firefox & Wireshark.

i'm working on Adobe Reader Version & Opera.



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New version :


2012-05-08 :

UninstallApp : new application

WinVersion : new icon

Wait : minor changes in strings display

FileMerge : output informations added


2012-09-25 : new version

Project moved under Visual Studio 2012

Windows 8 compatibility

Fixed : Handling -log parameter


FileMerge : flush problem fixed

CreateWindowsAccount : argument scanning changed (-d changed to -log). Help file now displayed. Password length not checked for uninstall.

WinVersion : OS detection for Windows 8, Windows Server 2003R2, 2008R2, 2012 & Home Server. WARNING OS ENUM HAS BEEN CHANGED


New SDK with more samples less complicated to understand..


@BrankoStulic : We're working for Firefox checkup


For silent install :



Edited by nolme

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