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I have a question, I'm looking at this thing here which look kinda cheap but I'm not sure whether its allowed or not. AFAIK OEM is for system builders only so what this stores did is illegal? If I buy this and install it on my PC will the key get blacklisted by kaspersky?




Any explanation is appreciated. Thank you.

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technically they aren't doing anything wrong in selling single user OEM licences. the only criteria they have to meet is to sell it with some hardware which can be used in the construction of a new pc such as a hard drive, mainboard or processor.


the codes shouldn't be blacklisted as long as aria got them from an authorised wholesale source.


the end user/system builder has the responsibility to make sure the purchased OEM code is installed on the hardware it was purchased with and no other systems.


if you intend to purchase without building a pc just to save on first purchase/renewal price then you are breaking the licence terms not aria.

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