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  1. Have recently started getting a failed database update due to what is euphemistically called an 'authentication error'. My update source is the standard Kaspersky Labs update servers setting...has never been changed since the last install. Is anyone out there having the same issue? Regards Baldrick
  2. Hi Nicholas Have you checked out the Kaspersky website? I believe that they have a section on this sort of information, i.e., white paper, etc., or at least they used to. Regards Balders
  3. Hi expresso You may want to repost in the the following thread, which is supposed to be dedicated to the new (beta) Web Portal: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showforum=302 Regards Balders
  4. Hi Maslan Where did you download the copy of KIS 2014? When I look at the Kaspersky Turkish site (http://www.kaspersky.com/tr/) all I can see is reference to KIS 2013, rather than 2014. That leads me to suspect that KIS 2014 has not yet been localised/released for the Turkish market. You may well want to contact Kaspersky Support and ask them as to when they expect this to happen...there is no such thing as a language pack as far as I know, only separate country localised versions. Hope that helps? regards Baldrick edit: del distracting full quote.
  5. Not as far as I can see. You can only pick the options...there is no option to 'Customise' as there was previously, i.e., in 2013 There is no information about that other than the description provided within the specific settings option. No change. It is expected that support for FF 24 will come in Patch B, but will most likely fall behind immediately. No...no spreading of love...as you put it. I am not aware of any way to access what you call "hidden functionality". I suspect that at some point KL will yield to user pressure and provide Advanced options but I suspect that it will be in the next version, i.e., 2015, if at all. Not to my knowledge. Simplest way to think of it is that in all areas other than Application Control there is no longer the level of granularity of settings that there was previously, i.e., not customising options. If you want to be able to tweak settings then you are best off with 2013...it should be support until at least the 2015 version is released. Personally I have to say that whilst I would like to have the options available if I am honest I did not tweak that much and therefore do not miss the options too much...and am happier with the 2014 version being lighter than previously.
  6. Bonjour centhi Ceci me semble bizarre. Est-ce que vous avez enlever KIS2013 avant d'installer KIS2104? Bien qu'on dit que ceci n'est pas un probleme moi, personellement je n'y crois pas et donc j'enleve la version precedente dans ses cas la. Je pense que la seul chose a faire c'est d'envlever KIS2014, et puis faire le nettoyage en profondeur avec l'outil 'KavRemover' que Kaspersky offre gratuitement por des cas copmme le votre. Vous pouvez trouver l'outil, et des instructions, en suivant ce lien: http://support.kaspersky.com/fr/common/service Apres ce nettoyage essai de reinstaller KIS2014 et vous devriez etre demander d'introduire votre cle pendant ou juste apres que l'installation finis. J'espere que le ci-dessus marche pour vous. Salutations Baldrick
  7. Suggest that rather than hypothesizing you log a ticket with KL Support, otherwise how are they going to find out about your issue?
  8. Thanks, harlan. In my excitement to use KIS 2014 I forgot about that. :dash1: One further question? Do you know if it integrates with Thunderbird? It did in the past but I do recall that there were version issues and so KL may have decided to drop that. If it does then how does one action that (I suspect it does not but it never hurts to ask ? Cheers Balders
  9. I did not read the earlier part of the thread... :dash1: Take a look at Post #7 above. It is all explained in there. Have tried them and they work fine. just remember to set the path as the KIS 2014 installation folder before attempting to run the export or import command.
  10. Question to all? Does anyone know how to initiate the training of the Anti Spam functionality? It is mentioned in the Help a number of times but I cannot see where in the product you would action this. Cheers Balders
  11. I believe that at present this is only possible using a command line string. See page 22 in the user manual which states: "You can also export protection settings at the command prompt, by using the following command: avp.com EXPORT <file_name>" Have not yet tried this myself BTW.
  12. To be honest I would say NO as KIS 2012 offers, IMHO, excellent protection as its base. As the Help says "Participation in Kaspersky Security Network allows identifying reputation of applications and websites based on data received from users from all over the world." so it really backs up what is there as a base and helps to fine tune detections, etc. But I am sure that one of the gurus will chip in to correct my view, if I am talking rubbish.
  13. Not really unless it is either a temporary glitch at the server end or an issue with your system connecting to that server. Have just checked KSN on my system and it is connecting fine. On the other hand have just seen what Lucian has posted and he has a good point...easy to miss at installation time.
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