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  1. It seems this is a common problem - lots of other users seeing the same issue and Kaspersky currently unable to offer a solution, whcih I find beyond comprehensible. I saw the exact same issue on my wife's laptop, which also runs the Office 365 version of Outlook. Massive CPU usage, and fan going into overdrive all the time. I am uninstalling from all our systems and have requested a refund. Great shame. Jules
  2. FWIW I ran the Kavremover utility multiple times, with reboots, as instructed. I then reinstalled KTS using a freshly downloaded installer. The situation is pretty much the same as before: CPU usage is never less than around 52% for the AVP process, and often higher. Also Outlook mail performance is eratic - often it won't receive mail at all. I also did some troubleshooting as Kaspersky support requested: I turned off all the components of KTS using Settings->Protection and was then supposed to turn them back on one at a time to see which component was causing high CPU usage. However, even with them all turned oof, my CPU usage was unchanged and very high. It looks to me from my emails with Kaspersky support and the posts above, like there is a known problem with KTS and Outlook (I have the latest Office 365 version), and seemingly no prospect of a fix any time soon. As a result I have requested a refund and will be looking for an alternative with a much lower CPU footprint and better Outlook support. Jules
  3. I have now had a reply from support, recommending removal using the Kavremover utility. They also mention a known compatibility issue with Microsoft Outlook. This, in combination with the comments in Izzy's post above cause some concern. How can Kaspersky not be compatible with the most common email client on the planet?! And how can we possibly find ourselves in a situation where there is a known issue in the current version of KTS which cannot be resolved? If these turn out to be correct, then I will be seeking a refund for my 2 year 10 devcice license, despite being a happy Kaspersky user for over 10 years. Thanks again for your help. Julien
  4. Hi Richbuff Thanks for your response I posted to tech support with all the information you suggest yesterday (ref. INC000004403071). So far I have had no response. Would be great to get some help with this because my system is on its knees at the moment. Regards Julien
  5. Hi I just upgrade from Pure to Total Security - 10 devices, 2 year license. KTS is taking up 95-98% CPU running under Windows 7 64bit. I have shutdown everything (literally) using Task Manager. The only non-essential background process running is Kaspersky itself )see attached screengrab of Task Manager). Please can I have some guidance on how to resolve this. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling (my first isntall was an upgrade so I removed and installed from scratch) but this has made no difference. As things stand my system is pretty much unusable. I have 8GB Ram, 3.2GHz CPU. Thanks for any help. Julien Screengrab of Task Manager attached
  6. Hi Don - many thanks for your response. You nailed it. Adding Vice Versa to the Trusted Zone completely resolved the issue. Prior to that, it was choking the entire system, now it runs absolutley fine. Thanks again for your help. Regards Jules PS. OS is WinXP SP2
  7. Hi I recently installed Kaspersky and am about to purchase some licenses for it and ditch Norton once and for all. However, I am having one problem with it. I use an application called ViceVersa Pro (www.tgrmn.com) to do all my backups, which by and large are to network attached storage. For some reason, since installing Kaspersky these backup processes cause the entire system to pretty much freeze up, such that ViceVersa stops responding, my network attached storage stops responding and has to be rebooted, and my local system ultimately also has to be rebooted to get the system up and runnig properly. Is there something Kaspersky might be doing as ViceVersa is copying files across the network which could be causing this? If so, is there any way of bypassing any Kaspersky filtering which might be causing issues with bakcups to network resources. Many thanks in advance for any help. Regards Jules
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