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  1. Dear All, couple of users got the same error on their workstations, if uers trys to update their workstations it says: "Databases are Obsolete". Can you please tell us to solve this immediately. is there in changes in the K. Lab servers, any testing mode..? Thank you. Edit: Merge, and add quote:
  2. Dear All, Need your assistance for the blow inquiry. customer said; I am unable to re-install Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. I used the Kaspersky Removal Tool to remove the application and cannot re-install again. I have attached a screen snapshot of the message I am getting when I try to re-install Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. waiting for your response. Thank you
  3. Dear All, i got the solution. thanks!
  4. Dear All, I need your assistance, one of our client installed and run the kaspersky mail security for the Linux mail server. Service failed : kav4lms fail how do i start the service, if i try to restart this not working. Thanks.
  5. Dear All, One of our valued customer said, the problem started last afternoon with Kaspersky message "blacklist licenses corrupted, update now". since then we have not been able to connect to either dialog or airtel. dialog informed us that similar reports have been received from their subscribers who had kaspersky virus guards. the 2nd clip of attachment gives the message when we try to connect. dialog informed us to disable the virus guard and try. no result. on your advice we uninstalled as recommended and tried. no result. as long as kaspersky was installed the windows firewall was off. on uninstalling kaspersky the firewall became active as per the clip. we downloaded the link sent by you given below on another PC, installed on effected PC and tried but still failed to connect. the dongles works on the other PC's with no problem. virus guard mcAfee • home use PC with windows Vista. • service pack 1 - unable to update as no internet connection • Kaspersky 2011 installed about a month ago, version 556 I think - you said it was the latest. • prior to this I had kaspersky 2010 with no problem. • another observation is that the PC has become very slow to start since. **uninstall the kaspersky then check the firewall, but it still running find the attachment. KIS version - *.556 Thank You.
  6. Dear Sir, Thank you for your information, i'll test and see.
  7. Dear All, I need to clarify something related to Linux workstation. OS: Fedora 11. Is this compatible with the Kaspersky workstation? Kaspersky Link says: Fedora 9 is OK. Thank you.
  8. Dear Sir, Sorry for the troubling you, I'm not comfortable with your solution. Can you please provide some steps...? Thank you.
  9. Dear Helmut, Thank you for your information, i need to know the revers solution. Activation Key File --> Activation Code Waiting your response. Thank you.
  10. Dear All, I need to verify the below requirement for my client. there is an Activation Key file with my client, it was the KOSS2; client request a Key code for particular Key File. is that possible to do it..? if that possible send me the details. waiting your quick response. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for your reply. above details are not helpful to solved my matter. how ever i sort it with use some other linux guides. where can i find the better knowledge guide for the Linux installations for KAV [not the user guides]. Thank you.
  12. Dear Alexander, Sorry for delay reply. issue was solved, it came it from client developed application. now it working properly. Thank you.
  13. Dear Richbuff, issue came form the Dongle user, now we provide a Update file to them. now it's fine, but if you can please suggest to Labs to reduce the Update size. Thank you.
  14. Dear All, i installed the KAV to Ubuntu based OS, at that time i didn't install the webmin. 1st i installed the KAV , then i installed the webmin. now i need to ad the KAV to webmin. KAV = kav4ws_5.7-26_i386.deb Webmin = webmin_1.530_all.deb please advice to me to solve this immediately. Thank you.
  15. Dear All, one of our Corporate Client using the KOSS2 in his network. he faced the issue in one client PC based to Outlook Application. here i attached some screen print to you, please guide me to solve this. Kaspersky Workstation Version: Thank you.
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