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  1. I noticed this too, just now. If you look at Origins settings, there is an Voice-part there. Where you can chat during games. By default activation mode is at Voice Activation -> it hears you speak to your microphone, it activates voice. Anyway, maybe this came in an update to Origin or Kaspersky has updated it's databases and has started to detect this now. If you want to disable this notification happening everytime you start up Origin, select allow and remember my setting on Kaspersky's notification. Other thing I find annoying, is the fact that if program uses receiving audio stream, there is an notification from Kaspersky after you close program (this applies to every program using any kind of audio stream receiving/sending). You can disable it by going to Kaspersky's Settings -> Protection -> Application Control -> Manage Applications Search for Origin.exe (for example), double click it, go to Rights and from Access Sound Recording Devices remove Log Events and hit Save. I hope this helps and clears to you, why this is happening! Also, in my books this is an excellent feature, because if a program wants to listen your microphone and doesn't tell you about it... Well, at least I wouldn't want that to happen
  2. Removed everything, but the license information and installed 19-version. The only thing, that I have noticed negative, is that every day on some update it goes to "Update 100%" and stays there with the download arrow animation just spinning ad infinitum...
  3. Thanks, Harlan4096. I had the certificate problem on Thunderbird (on Installed it manually and that fixed it. And to Richbuff, someone posted an outside link earlier (link deleted already). I downloaded the 405b-version straight from Kaspersky's FTP.
  4. I went to check the official FTP-download site and indeed, the 2018-version is there available to download. I would say, that it is a legitimate version and perfectly ok to install. Well, at least I did The reason for it not being in the "Home page downloads", is something that an official Kaspersky employee would have to clarify... I would guess it would have something to do with localizations, support things and so on. But that is just my guess...
  5. I wouldn't install this version, as it isn't officially released... I'm quite amazed how the version is not released yet, even though RC was released in April... But saying that, there surely is a good reason for this. It cannot be delayed very much longer (as they already have NEXT year version on beta), so I would wait for the official release. On the installation, I have used the preferred way. Uninstalling earlier version, keeping registration settings only, reboot and install new version.
  6. Yes, I also believe that patch b is installed, just not showing on gui. Once, when I made an manual database update, I got a larger than usual download. I'll check that out, when I got the time Thanks for the help!
  7. I have been, actually, making manual database updates for quite a while now, trying to get that (a) change to ("b"), with no luck Updated, restarted twice. No, (a) still...
  8. I saw, that Helios informed on the beta testing-thread exactly a month ago (7.9.2016), that: " Patch b has been released in a staggered manner." I hope, that a month is long enough time, for someone (like me now) to ask, how long is this "staggered manner", as I haven't yet got it. Thank you, beforehand. And an apology, if asking this makes someone burn their fuse Though I have to say, that I have been quite pleased with 2017-version.
  9. Yes, that is the conclusion, that I also came to. Annoying, as it pops up every boot, but it will most probably be fixed sometime in the future...
  10. This is (kinda) similar, so I didn't make a new thread. W10 with Anniversary update gives me warnings, that Kaspersky ( and Windows defender are not turned on. Even though Kaspersky says everything is on and fine. Any insight on this?
  11. Indeed, interesting post from grnic (well, had to use Google translate, but I believe I got the point). And about time, someone "woke up" from KL's side... Problem's with 2014-version were something that should not happen. Let's see, how this translates to reality.
  12. So far seems good. Can say, that I'm happy... Even though it still took much too much time... I sincerely hope we don't get these kind of situations in the future. If there would have been an option to use 2013-version on 8.1, while there were problems with 2014, it would have been fine... But well, as I said, I'm smiling now
  13. To answer myself, 2013 does not install to 8.1. I uninstalled 2014 and decided to wait for next patch. Using Windows Defender (aka Security Essentials) now. Wasted money for this and if next patch does not fix these problems, this is the last time I use Kaspersky... Which makes me sad, but let's face it. This is not the way to handle things in this age. After years of being Kaspersky user, I am sorely disappointed.
  14. How about the 2013? Is it possible to install on 8.1 and is it free of these problems? I may still wait for the next patch with this C-version. I think this patch C is better than B, where web-performance was appalling...
  15. Is 2013 already installable in 8.1 and if it is, does it have these issues? I'm not going to lose my nerves for a month with this, either I install 2013 (if possible on 8.1) or I use Microsoft Security Essentials... I hope, I'm inside the topic perimeters
  16. Installing Security Cert did not help for that problem. The only thing what that setting changes, is that KIS doesn't change SPDY-protocol to HTTP. That change seems to break https-pages...
  17. I had this same problem after first clean install (saved only registration info) of 2014. I reinstalled 2014, after that the same problem has not reappeared for me...
  18. I noticed the same problem, when I installed 2014. Any HTTPS-page just would not load (google etc.). The problem was solved with: Settings -> Additional -> Network -> Advanced Settings and there disabling use HTTP instead of SPDY protocol. HTTPS pages work again. Though, there is still something wrong as the pages are sometimes very slow to load and sometimes connections just timeout... Also, I kinda hoped Kaspersky team would have done some major revision about how they would get their Add-ons to keep up with the FF update cycle... But let's just say, that I learned earlier it will be better to just "#DealWithIt", as some other big company said earlier this year A little rocky start to 2014-version, but sooner or later they get it patched-up to a better level. This isn't the first time there is a little "hiccup" in the beginning :b_lol1:
  19. Read this thread (http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=258557), it will answer this question and probably all else, that comes to one's mind from that topic....
  20. I had similar kind of situation on my desktop machine, a little while ago. It was because of root scan, which was hanged on one file and it just kept on running on the background, eating CPU-cycles. I ran error checking with repairs for my boot drive and that found couple of problems and fixed them. Root scan now runs properly.
  21. Been having same problems here. Slow boot, about 5 minutes of total jam after startup. "Concede..."-setting didn't help, but disabling system watcher returned system behavior to normal. Maybe something, that Kaspersky should check out...
  22. Have you used any registry cleaner recently? I ran into an Windows sharing problem recently and when I was sorting that out, I saw that my overclocking tab was missing from Ati CCC (maybe nothing to do with your problem, but I will come back to that later...) I got OC-tab back with restoring registry cleaning, I had done with CCleaner. My sharing problem was exactly the same, that your error says, Windows firewall not working properly. I tried many different things, but all became back to normal, when I added missing things back to registry, as per this instruction: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hi there, my name is Balon and I am pretty sure I have the way to fix your problem. You can find the original post here: http://www.sevenforums.com/system-security...firewall-2.html Basically, the firewall registry-key was totally missing and after I added that back, everything was normal again. Sharing works and I'm one happy camper again :cb_punk:
  23. Yes, people have different opinions. And I can totally respect that. But let's leave that behind, it's getting us nowhere. I think I quite clearly stated (in my last post), that I realize Kaspersky's addons are most probably harder to keep "up to date". So, as I take your answer, there will not be Kaspersky's addons, that keep up with FF schedule. That is clear and to some point understandable, now would it be possible to give users a clear message, when compatible addons are available? I mean, I can even come here to forums to look for that info (most of users surely don't, but that isn't my problem) or somewhere else, where that info would be published. Would it be OK, for someone here to take that "job" on their shoulders? As Alien8 said, I too think that people are going to keep posting about this, so maybe it would be a good idea to put an statement about this as "Sticky" or is it "IMPORTANT" here? Maybe there would also be a good place to have the info of what is latest compatible FF-version, that works with Kaspersky addons?
  24. Okay, let's take this for statistics: http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp May not be scientific, but surely gives us a direction. Biggest Chrome and FF. So, it would be safe to say, that FF has a massive amount of users, in the world. FF's addons are (to me at least) the main point to it's usage. Only other browser, I sometimes use, is IE. And just because there are still some pages (very, very few) that don't work properly on FF. So I am forced to use IE sometimes. Now, I like clean machine, so I don't clutter it with programs, that I don't use. And I like FF (like millions of others do). When it was first announced, that FF is going to move to a faster update cycle, I was first kinda against it. Now I think that it was the right choice, to a certain extent at least. One of the problems I had about that cycle, in the beginning, was just that I saw many addons not work on a new versions. It took maybe a couple of months for that situation to change and the addons started to keep up with the update cycle. Now, I know, most of the addons are much more simpler and probably easier to keep compatible, than (I would estimate), more complex Kaspersky addons. So, given this, would there be some way of Kaspersky to maybe add more persons to keep these addons up to date? Could they work together with Mozilla on this topic? I would believe this to be so important feature, that it should be worked out? As we are talking about a large number of users? Or maybe there should be some easy way of knowing, when will the addons be compatible with new FF-versions. I don't even know, if Kaspersky has this info posted somewhere? If they don't, they should. That would maybe not be a thing, that PR-department would like, but to users it is quite important, wouldn't you think? Just like keeping any other software up to date, I would also like to keep my browser up to date. I would maybe even go so far, as of disabling auto update from FF. Something like 2 or 3 weeks delay isn't going to kill me. But the info about the addon compatibility should be maybe an automatic notification to my email or something similar, to give me a clear sign, when I can safely update. Main point of my "abrasive way of expressing myself" is the fact, that quite many times I see kinda "nosy" answers to these kind of support questions. Like here, for example: "You don't have to update your software", "Change your browser, what you use is not the best, it's not essential..." Isn't that basically a way of putting a user down? Isn't that saying, we are right, you are wrong, live with it? Now, I tried to be constructive here, wouldn't you agree? So, don't take it personally, it isn't meant to be like that (and if it has, then I apologize). I did get a little bit annoyed, about the answers. But still, I think this is so important topic, that it should be given more thought about how to resolve it in useful way?
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